Friday 31 January 2014

Mike Pickering & Sasha 1991 @ Shine Haçienda Manchester

Another exclusive for BLOG51 for you to enjoy.  In light of the recent SHINE nights that have been happening across the country I thought I would share this.  This has been shared with a limited number of friends so far and the feedback is that is a cracking set.  It is the earliest SHINE tape that I have from the Haçienda.  I think the SHINE nights started back in May of 1991 when the Haçienda re-opened it's doors, although this is probably from later in the year.  You can tell the distinct styles of the two DJ's yet they both complimented each other for some proper party nights... enjoy.  

Kindly please do not sell this set. I have the only cassette copy and have taken the time to rip it and share for free.  So should you.  If you do re-post please mention BLOG51 it makes sharing worthwhile.

Download: Mike Pickering & Sasha 1991 @ Shine Haçienda Manchester