Wednesday 19 February 2014

Graeme Park 1990.09.06 @ Haçienda Manchester

This night was the week before our trip to Ibiza so you can image that we were right up for it.  The atmosphere at the time in the Haçienda was particularly intense... stage rammed, podiums bursting and everyone proper on one!  Although edgy at times, my memories are of friendly faces, integration on the dancefloor, friendhips and shared moments and back to ours to carry on the hedonism!!  Into the night and all that sort of thing. 

This one starts out in a more mellow style, I love that solid thumping beat of Snap's the Power, the beautiful Mr Finger's what about this love, I can hear the melody in my ears now.  The typical Haçienda sound of Jillian Mendez's Don't Know What You're Missing - for me this sums up those Haçienda nights to a 'T'

Oh yes, it was the following week that I didn't get in the Haçienda!! the only night! still I have this set to remind me of the night... and so do you!

Download: Graeme Park 1990.09.06 @ Haçienda, Manchester


1. Snap! 'The Power' (Full Mix)
2. BBG 'Snappiness'
3. Mr. Fingers 'What About This Love' (Even Deeper Mix)
4. Family Stand 'Ghetto Heaven'
5. Soul II Soul 'A Dreams A Dream' (A Night At The Opera Mix)
6. ??? - "who's been sleeping in my bed". Guess.. Dr. York 'Someone's Been Sleeping In My Bed'
7. ??? - "deceiving me" male vocal sounds like Colonel Abrams
8. Johnetta Alston 'Keep The Fire Burning'
9. Carol Lynn Townes 'What I Wouldn't Do' ..needs confirming?
10. Jillian Mendez 'Don't Know What You're Missin'' (Mona Tech Mix)
11. Pandella 'This Way That Way' (Komis Dub)

12. Zoë 'Sunshine On A Rainy Day' ..what mix? its the first release, dont think its the Youth mix
13. Soul Family Sensation 'I Don't Even Know If I Should Call You Baby'
14. ??? - "if you want it, go out and get it" sounds like Robert Owens
15. ??? - "do you really want my love", guess.. Melba Moore 'Do You Really Want My Love'
16. Intelligent Hoodlum 'Back To Reality'
17. Diana Brown & Barrie K Sharpe 'Sun Worshippers'
18. Curtis Mayfield & Ice-T 'Superfly 1990' ..needs confirming
19. Maxi Priest 'Peace Throughout The World' ..what mix?
20. ??? - latino hip hop

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