Saturday 29 March 2014

Graeme Park 1992.03.28 @ Haçienda, Manchester

Most Haçienda heads have their favourite periods that they recall as their bestera that they had in the back in the day.  Nude nights in 89, Hot nights in 87 or the epic vocal house nights in 93-94... Obviously they were dependant on the years that people danced away the night!  For me it was definately late 1991!  Why? Well more about that when I add my favourite set....  For now I am going to take us to March 1992.   March, April and May 92, in my opinion saw Graeme Park probably at his best in style, choice of music, he was superb, defining, influencial and his mixing was epic.... over the next six weeks you could see how he developed the dancefloor, used the tracks to great effect and kept the Haçienda rammed to the hilt.    It was around this time that by disecting his mixing, his use of the break, booming baselines and piano I learnt to mix, really mix and this is one of those sets that inspired me and my choice of music.....

Graeme Park 1992.03.28 @ Haçienda, Manchester Side A

Graeme Park 1992.03.28 @ Haçienda, Manchester Side B

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