Thursday 1 September 2016

David Morales 1993.05.21 @ Haçienda 11th Birthday Party

A timeless set from David Morales recorded at the 11th Birthday Party night back in 1993.  Seemlessly mixed and full of energy.  Morales played in the basement of the club; a dark, dirty and hedonistically sweaty room perfect for messing with the mind, body and soul! playing tracks from MAW, Todd Terry, Pfantasy and Marshall Jefferson to name a few.

To quote 'Trackhead' to whom I owe thanks for the original upload of this set 'Stripped to the waist, wearing a skull cap & tattooed muscles, Morales played street tough New York City house music, and there's lessons in here for modern DJs'.... Morales rocked and always will do!!

Sadly as far as I can recall, Morales never played the Haçienda again due to a joyless squirmish involving the throwing of a bottle!  At least we have this superb set to remind us how great these nights were, how Morales ruled the dancefloors and once again another Haç memory for us all to enjoy.

Download: David Morales 1993.05.21 @ Haçienda 11th Birthday

Morales captured in the mix in the basement DJ booth


  1. Thanks for posting all these. Just found out about this site and I'm blown away. Awesome.

  2. Thanks for your kind words... loads more sets to come in the coming months!!

  3. I second Lee's comments, but i'm struggling to catch up listening to all the sets already on here... and there's more to come... I hope you have the bandwidth to cope as your site is causing alot of good discussions..

  4. MIND BLOWING.thanks for all these

  5. Hi
    Any chance of a password to access the file?

  6. Hi Andrew,

    I was wondering if you could make the download available? I'd love to here this set.