Wednesday 28 November 2012

The Haçienda Must Be Rebuilt  

BLOG51 is my attempt at re-living the memories and sounds that made the Haçienda Nightclub into the best nightclub in the world

Please feel free to download the mixes 
If you have a set that has not been posted on here and you would like to share - please get in touch at

Please do not sell the sets that have been uploaded on here - I am sharing them freely - so should you - I will report anyone I find selling these sets

Thank you for visiting BLOG51

Word Up to Ang Matthews - Manager of the Haçienda for giving me the opportunity to relive many of the sets that have been posted on this blog - and for being a huge part of the legend that is and always will be FAC51 - The Haçienda

Thank you to HenryVilla for being the inspiration behind this blog - cheers fella - turn the volume up and enjoy!!

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  1. A wicked idea Andrew - can't wait to see it populated and get good use from Hac fans! HV