Sunday 17 February 2013

Dave Booth 1990.12.21 @ Haçienda Manchester - The Mix

The Haçienda was not just about Dance Music.  DJ's like Dave Booth and Dave Haslem championed alternative music in it's various guises.  By 1989 /1990 Indie had taken on a new energy, the Madchester sound meant the worlds eye turned on Manchester with renewed vigour. Applications to Manchesters' Universities soared out the roof and and the buzz word everywhere was the Haçienda.  Queues formed stretching around the block and away over the Rochdale Canal.  The buzz in that queue was electric and solely to experience that hallowed dancefloor.

Manchester took on a 'baggy' persona.  Indie kids took dance and merged the it with a new indie dance sound.  Guitars were mixed with the hedonistic dance beats that had engulfed the city.   Gone now was a trivial rivalry, indie is better than dance, no dance is better than indie!  What bands like the 'Inspiral Carpets', the 'Happy Mondays' and Stone Roses did was shake it all up and all took prominence over the city and beyond - through attitude and style.  Manchester had emerged as world leaders in popular and alternative music once again, attacking the world on all fronts showing everyone how it was done.  The immortal words 'And On The Eighth Day God Created Manchester' never rang more true!! The phrase still gives me a buzz to this day.

For me, there is something romantic about that city.  Manchester.  It stands alone, never follows.  For me it is a romantic place, it has an energy like no other city.  You can see the beat / the pulse of the place in the faces of it's people and buildings, harsh, worn, relentless, weather battered like the rainy streets, you can see the life lived in the faces of everyone.  It is a hard place, unforgiving with years of industrial drive and dominance and when that went it led the world in computers and new technologies.  Its industrial architecture and postmodern influences, Ben Kelly, Peter Saville taking the past and giving the world the future... a discotheque designed from a boat warehouse, you would never have thought it!    And when you think Manchester is totally unforgiving, someone looks you in the eye and smiles, and somehow that place is the most beautiful place on earth.  I love the pulse of that city and I am glad I experienced it as I did.

The set available to download is an example of what Manchester was about at the time.  World dominance in music.  The mix, a night of indie dance replaced Friday nights 'Nude' night from October in a bid to ease the tension that was building from more underground elements.  However it took nothing away from the appeal of the place.  Up beat underground house blended with indie dance cuts creating its own style and aural pleasure.  In the words of primal scream 'We wanna be free to do what we wanna do, And we wanna get loaded And we wanna have a good time, That's what we're gonna do - and that's exactly what we did..... kind of sums it up really!  

Thanks to Dave Booth... you led the way fella!

Dave Booth 1990.12.21 @ Hacienda Manchester Part 1 

Dave Booth 1990.12.21 @ Hacienda Manchester Part 2 

Password - DB1990


  1. Thank you for posting these mixes! I was a teen in Johannesburg during the heyday of Hacienda, but the tunes and DJs are legendary over here. I've posted a few of my personal tapes from some of the JHB clubs on my own site. Good work!

  2. Can anyone recommend me some similar sets or dj's from this era?
    I just love this mix of dance and alternative.

    And massive thanks for all the uploads and info!