Tuesday 12 February 2013

Jon Da Silva 1991.01.09 @ Haçienda Manchester - Void

1991 What a year for clubbing.  Her Majesties finest had all but driven out the raves and clubland was ripe for a bunch of hyped up kids looking to let loose on the nations dance floors.  How we ever managed in a club that shut at 2.00 am i will never know!  I mean essentially we had 4 hours of clubbing! 4 hours flew by and then it would be whats on at the kitchens in Hulme? is anyone having a party? Or is it home to chill?  Unbelievable - I mean it all seems so antiquated now, clubs closing at 2.00am!! 4 hours to have a drink and let your disco shoes get covered in disco sludge!  God how lucky we were to have these 4 hours with a set like this one!

Anyway back to the clubbing, Jon Da Silva's infamous Wednesday nights were a heady mixture of Italian, UK and US house cuts. I used to really love them Wednesday nights!   I asked Jon once about a track he played, I had heard him champion this track week in week out and I needed to know what it was.  So I knocked on the door of the booth, fair play to him - he answered, told me the name and carried on mixing!  Could I remember the name of the tune - correct - no! Them were the days!  Oh yeah, this set represents such a set, a typical Wednesday evening in the Haçienda.  

Stomping Piano cuts such as Off Shore's 'I Can't Take the Power', MCJ's 'To Yourself be Free' cut up with N Joi's classic 'Anthem' (I can ear the piano intro now - dun dun dun - I'm in love with you....) Circuit's 'Shelter Me' a lovely slice of 'housey' vocal and then US classics such as Rickster's 'Night Moves' and Inner City's 'Big Fun'.  these tracks alone paint a picture of quality in one 90 minute set! I'd sell my Gran for the other 3 and a half hours!   But wait for it... top these tracks off with Annette's 'Dream 17' a huge Haçienda track, booming baselines and simple vocals (I had a shiver down my spine at the thought); Kariya 'Let Me Love You For Tonight' (again the baseline is giving me goosebumps) a slow groove that has the hugest pumping bass sound when it kicks in ( am definitely feeling that rush now!) and Alison Limerick's 'Where Love Lives'.  A Haç head could not ask for more. Superb stuff.   

Download, turn up the system and party.... You know you want to!!  Enjoy!

Download Jon Da Dilva 1991.01.09 @ Haçienda Manchester Void

Password - Discosludge1

Track list
1. Off-Shore 'I Can't Take The Power'
2. MCJ ft Sima 'To Yourself Be Free'
3. MDA & Lilian Vieira 'Batucada Tropical'
4. Nexus 21 'Self Hypnosis'
5. N-Joi 'Anthem'
6. Double Dee Ft Danny 'Found Love' (Caipirina Remix)
7. The Beloved 'It's Alright Now'
8. Nomad '(I Wanna Give You) Devotion'
9. C & C Music Factory 'Gonna Make You Sweat'
10. Alison Limerick 'Where Love Lives' (Red Zone Mix)
11. Cappella 'Be Master in One's Own House'
12. Systematic 'Dancin' the Whole Night'
13. African Jungle 'Jungle Beat'
14. Disco City 'Future' (Techno Mix)
15. Ceybil 'Love So Special'
16. Katherine E 'I'm Alright'
17. Pako 'Pakito Lindo'
18. Baffa 'Piano On'
19. Tingo Tango 'It Is Jazz'
20. ??? - First Choice 'Let No Man Put Asunder' cover\remix? ..A Seperate Reality?
21. Circuit 'Shelter Me' (Helter Skelter Mix)
22. Blanca e Negro 'Get Down (It's Party Time)'
23. 2 In A Room 'Take Me Away'
24. Pierres Pfantasy Club 'Dream Girl' (Ralph Rosario Mix)
25. Loleatta Holloway 'Love Sensation'
26. Plus One 'It's Happenin''
27. Inner City 'Big Fun' (Juan's Magic Remix)
28. Rickster 'Night Moves'
29. Annette 'Dream 17'
30. Seduction '(You're My One And Only) True Love' (New York House Mix 2)
31. Kariya 'Let Me Love You For Tonight' (The "Pumped Up" Mix)
32. Kechia Jenkins 'I Need Somebody' ..very breifly

Once again I am indebted to the OSA Crew Noel Brady etc for the track list cheers

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