Saturday 9 February 2013

Graeme Park 1992.07.11 @ Haçienda Manchester

Back to 1992 and a true Haçienda set.  This little beauty captures that summer feel at the Hacienda, pounding basslines, excellent vocals and deep house grrooves.  Never heard or seen the last track as heard on side B before - is it an instrumental of Eleanor Mills - Mr Right (Superb Parkside Mix) or is it a one off mix?  If you know give me a shout! I need to buy this!

These nights around 1992 were probably amongst the best heard at the Haçienda.  Graeme had perfected a sound for sure and tore down on us with blistering bassline after bassline as H.O.U.S.E should be... It is also a momento of a Birthday celebration that night - Hope you can remember the set Col!! Kickin!

Graeme Park 1992.07.11 @ Haçienda Manchester Side A
Password - GP9211HacA

Graeme Park 1992.07.11 @ Haçienda Manchester Side B
 Password - GP9211HacB


1. Mr Clubman 'Release The Tension' (Disco Version)
2. Wag Ya Tail 'Xpand Ya Mind (Expansions)' (12" Vocal Master)
3. Pamela Fernandez 'Kickin' In The Beat' (Extended Dance Mix)
4. Producers On Wax 'Feel The Piano' (Matt`s Piano Mix)
5. Planet X 'Once Upon A Dancefloor'
6. Inner City 'Pennies From Heaven' (Tony Humphries Norty Boy Mix)
7. Solution 'Feels So Right'
8. Lidell Townsell & M.T.F. 'Get With U' (Riot Mix)
9. Ten City 'Only Time Will Tell'
10. Photon Inc 'Give A Little Love' (Photon's Disco House House Mix)

10. Photon Inc 'Give A Little Love' (Photon's Disco House House Mix)
11. Joey Negro 'Love Fantasy'
12. West End 'Never'
13. MK 'Burning' (MK Extended Remix)
14. The Reese Project 'Colour Of Love' (Deep Reese Mix)
15. Clubland '(I'm Under) Love Strain' (Lost In Dub)
16. Black Sheep 'Strobelite Honey' (Def Mix)
17. Kris Kross 'Jump' (Steve Anderson Extended Remix) DMC 7/92
18. ??? - Salsoul Orchestra feat MFSB 'Love Is The Message' cover\remix
19. ??? - inst of Eleanore Mills 'Mr. Right' (The Superb Parkside Mix) ..can't find anything on disgogs though? Unreleased & only GP has? Track GP sampled?

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  1. Quality Blog this Andrew,passed around to a few who would appreciate it.
    A mention in this mix as well,i am honoured ;-)