Saturday 22 December 2012

Graeme Park & Mike Pickering 1989.08.27 @ Nude Haçienda Manchester

This is the night I first started to go regularly to the Haçienda on a house night.  Previous to this I was DJ'ing at 2 Indie nights in Warrington and was becoming disillusioned with the scene.  I was trying to mix up house sounds with the Madchester vibe and regular indie tracks but my heart wasn't in it - Especially as I had just been threatened with broken legs if i didnt play any rockabilly ffs!!    Like I am gonna play it even with a threat!    So off to the Haçienda we went and I walked in to the mayhem that were 'Nude' nights and I never looked back!   I was hooked and red stripe never tasted the same again!

I have shared this elsewhere before, but it is a tasty example of the 'Haçienda' sound, huge basslines and deep house, plus any set with Sandee's 'Notice me' in it does it for me - excellent stuff - enjoy!

Download Graeme Park & Mike Pickering 1989.08.27 @ Nude Haçienda Manchester


1. Rhythim Is Rhythim 'It Is What It Is'
2. ??? - "you've got the power" "are you ready" on other set somewhere
3. Mystique 'Salsa Party'
4. Bizarre Inc. 'Time To Get Funky' (The Original Version) (Rockford Illinois Mix)
5. Farley 'Jackmaster' Funk 'U Ain't Really House' (Really Instrumental)
6. Frequency 9 - Unreleased Deconstruction White Label
7. Phortune 'String Free' ..think it's (Dash Riprock Mix)
8. ??? - familiar acid \ Kym Mazelle 'Useless' ..what mix? A Capella?
9. New Blood 'Touch Me (Te Quiero)'
10. Phuture Pfantasy Club 'Slam' \ Wanda Dee 'To The Bone' (Accapella)
11. Wanda Dee 'To The Bone' (Accapella)
12. ??? - TT style track "feel the heat"
13. Wayout 'Chi Qui Ah'
14. ??? - JB "woah yeah" + beats looped
15. Rhythim Is Rhythim 'Strings Of Life' ..what mix?
16. Mix 'N' Tell 'Feel The Beat' (Bad Boy Bill Mix)
17. Julian 'Jumpin' Perez & Kool Rock Steady 'Ain't We Funky Now'
18. The Bass Boyz 'Lost In The Bass' (Mike 'Hitman' Wilson Mix)
19. ??? - samples SSH 'Jack Your Body' bassline. breifly

20. Pink Noise 'Give Me Energy' ..think it's (Hyper Dub Mix)
21. Greg Lee 'Got U On My Mind' (Mona Mixx)
22. ??? - "latin house"
23. Les Sun Rae 'Revelation'
24. ???
25. Mayday 'Nude Photo '88' (Acid Burns Mix)
26. Keith (The Key Man) Edwards 'Solutions' (House Mix)
27. The Project 'Here We Go'
28. Cool House 'Rock This Party Right' (Fast Eddie's Raw Mix)
29. Akasa 'One Night In My Life'
30. Two Without Hats 'Try Yazz'
31. The Break Boys 'Listen To The Rhythm Flow'
32. Sandee 'Notice Me'
33. Psycho Team 'Psycho'
34. Liaisons D 'Future FJP'
35. ??? - "baby" "don't stop"

Thanks once again to Noel, Brady, Konspiracy for the tracklist


  1. What is the password for the file? It is not included in the post!

  2. that pic looks like the back of the membership card, i still have mine.
    i look like a ponytailed belsen victim..probs a good 5 stone lighter than i am now..
    gutted i was such a poster

  3. What is the password for the file? It is not included in the post! Thanks