Sunday 16 December 2012

Mike Pickering & Sasha 1992.04 @ Shine Haçienda Manchester

The first of my mixes from Sasha from a Friday night @ Shine in April 1992 playing with Mike Pickering.  Sasha is well documented to have been influenced by the Haçienda and especially Mike Pickering and Graeme Park, which inspired him to go for it himself.   

Download Mike Pickering & Sasha 1992.04 @ Haçienda Manchester

Password - MikSha92


  1. Where did you get this one Andrew? I originally downloaded this off doosh (i think) on soulseek years back, but was told on OSA that it's actually Sasha @ Renaissance, April '92 here...

    1. Hi Noel... will double check but I think from Ang Matthews. I will check my tapes and let you know