Wednesday 16 January 2013

1990 Haçienda Spring (ish) Unknown DJ

Odds on it is Park and Pickering or it could be Jon Da Silva,or Garnier ... oh you get the picture.  This is a tasty set containing some typical haçienda style tunes some of which make my top 50 Hacienda tracks (a posting coming up in the near future!) 
  • Olimpia - 'You want my love' - top piano break
  • Earth People -'Reach up to mars'
  • Piesces - Take me higher' this tune is one of my all time favourites with lovely acid undertones to it.....
  • Jillian Mendez - 'Dont know what your missing'
Download and see what you think! 

1990 @ Haçienda (Springish) Side A

1990 @ Haçienda (Springish) Side B

Password Hac1990


1. Jillian Mendez 'Don't Know What You're Missin'' (Sin Club Dub)
2. DJ Atomico Herbie 'Atomic House'
3. 2 In A Room 'Take Me Away'
4. Quartz 'Meltdown II'
5. Cut The Q 'Who Needs A Love Like That' (Groove Remix)
6. Snap! 'The Power'
7. Jungle Brothers 'What U Waitin 4' (C. Jungle C. Jungle)
8. Queen Latifah 'Mama Gave Birth To The Soul Children' (The Primary Mix)
9. Olimpia 'You Want My Love' (Garage Mix)
10. ???
11. Paradox 'Jailbreak'
12. Clubland Feat Quartz 'Let's Get Busy' (Original Mix)
13. Criminal Element Orchestra 'House Time, Anytime' (AB & Vic On The Run Dub)
14. Sterling Void 'Runaway Girl'
15. Black Box 'I Don't Know Anybody Else'
16. Earth People 'Reach Up To Mars' ..breifly

17. Adeva 'Treat Me Right'
18. Hunter Hayes 'What Goes Down' (Down And Dirty Mix)
19. Master C & J 'One Day We'll All Be Free' (Jesse Jones Mix)
20. Culture Beat '(Cherry Lips) Der Erdbeermund'
21. Pisces 'Take Me Higher' (Subliminal Mix)
22. Ultra Nate 'It's Over' (Tony Humphries Mix)
23. UFI 'Understand This Groove'
24. Jay Williams 'Sweat' ..what mix?
25. Pandella 'This Way That Way' (Komis Dub)

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  1. I used to have this mix back when I was in my teens. It was labelled as Graeme Park 10/03/1990.
    It was one of my fav all time mixes.
    Thanks for posing this.