Sunday 6 January 2013

Graeme Park 1990.09.15 @ Haçienda Manchester

This was an interesting night for sure! It was the only night I was ever refused entry - twice!! I was gutted LOL.

How can I remember that it was this night that I was refused entry?  Well there we were 4 of us waiting in the queue which was particulary long that night. The place was heaving, the atmosphere heady, we could feel the bass pulsate from the place and we were on a buzz as we were due to fly out to Ibiza next morning at 6.00am for a fortnight of parties including Re-live the Dream with K-Klass, 808 State, Together, Sasha and Laurent Garnier.    

As usual we had skipped most of the queue and paid no attention to the amount of people being refused entry that night.  What made it even worse was 2 of my friends got in ahead of us!  If my memory serves me correct it must have been the trainers! Never understood why the Hacienda of all places decided to change it's policy and refuse entry to punters wearing trainers!   Well it could have been that or the 3/4 length jeans and party mood or it could have been...! Oh well at least Ibiza was a momentus experience.  All PA's were amazing especially K-Klass and 808 State, Sasha and Garnier frankly pissed on the European DJ's both at KU Club and Summon which more than made up for not getting in the Haçienda!!   I can be seen dancing on 808 State's recording of re-live the dream called 808:90ptical.  What a night to relive and show the kids!

At least I have the set from the night as a mixtape and now you can too.... download and enjoy

Download Graeme Park 1990.09.15 @ Haçienda Manchester

Password - Park1990Hac


Moving away from Haçienda flyers for this image - this is the flyer from Re-Live The Dream.  I am sure Parky was booked for this week too but as usual for this time often DJ's were shown on flyers to get people there without them actually being booked!  I will try and dig this one out!

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