Sunday 27 January 2013

Graeme Park 1992.02.01 @ Haçienda Manchester

1992 was an excellent year as a clubber at the Haçienda.  Packed dancefloors, same punters week in week out and the music was phenominal.  Residents Tom Wainwright and Graeme Park built a sound and style that only a resident could.  They knew their crowd, they knew how to build a set and they knew what tunes fuelled that cavernous nightclub building it to boiling point.  Instrumentals, dubs and vocal house and garage pumped across the infamous dancefloor.  If memory serves me correct, the Haçienda, by then had become a little more studenty, designer clothes replaced jeans and a t-shirt and the tension from darker corners of the club was disappearing.   People were coming to Manchester from all over the country for a night out.  I felt that although the ecletic freshness had now gone from the scene - rave now being billed as dead! - that the scene had developed into styles and what better style than can be heard in this set.  Download, listen, put on those old battered trainers, your old destroy top (if it fits!), your white levis with the disco sludge around the hem and let yourself go! TURN IT UP!! and you will know what i mean!

Graeme Park 1992.02.01 @ Haçienda Manchester Side A

Graeme Park 1992.02.01 @ Haçienda Manchester Side B

Graeme Park 1992.02.01 @ Haçienda Manchester Tracks 22-33 

Password Hac0192

1. Just Us 'You Got It' (Instrumental)
2. The Hayden Andre Project 'Broken Chains'
3. Shafty 'Deep Inside (Of You)'
4. ??? - EP&P sample "you got me". "burning up"
5. MK 'Burning' (MK Extended Remix)
6. The R.A.S.E. 'Get On Up'
7. The Project feat. Linda Rice 'Out Of Control' (FHR's Club Mix)
8. ??? - "sweet sweet music"
9. Jomanda 'True Meaning Of Love'
10. Vitamino Featuring - Ricardo Da Force 'What I've Got' ..a Joey Negro mix
11. Cynthia M 'Love Storm' (Morel's Club Mix)
12. Omniverse 'Never Get Enough'
13. Sub Sub 'Space Face' (Jazzy Todd Dub)
14. Jazzie Joint 'Give A Little Love'
15. ??? - deep with loads of samples.. Strictly Rhythm?
16. Lisette Melendez 'Never Say Never' (Underground Solution)
17. ??? - 'Relight My Fire' ..what version\mix? is there a DMC?
18. Robert Owens 'I'll Be Your Friend' (Glamorous Mix)
19. Chic 'Chic Mystique' (MAW Club Dub)
20. Michael Watford 'Holdin' On' (Underground Solution Mix)
21. ???
22. Tito Puente 'Ran Kan Kan' (Tito's Booted Mix)

23. TC '1991' (Re-Fratty Re-Energy Version)
24. PM Dawn 'From a Watchers Point of View' (Todd Terry Melody Mix)
25. 2 House 'Go Techno' (Spagatone Mix) 2 Copies
26. CLS 'Can You Feel It' (Music House Dub)
27. Blackwood 'I Feel You' (New York Mix)
28. Sure is Pure 'Is This Love Really Real?' (Original Gem)
29. Degrees Of Motion 'Do You Want It Right Now'
30. Candy Flip feat. C-Bounce 'Keep The Faith' (Saturday Mix)
31. Sounds Of Blackness 'Testify'
32. Company B 'Fascinated'
33. The Brand New Heavies 'Dream Come True' (Reality Mix) 2 Copies

As always thanks to Noel, Brady and the OSA crew for the tracklisting

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