Monday 7 January 2013

Graeme Park & Mike Pickering 1990.10.06 @ Haçienda Manchester

This set comes from the first night we had back in the Haçienda following our fortnight in Ibiza.  We had left Manchester all white and pastey and now we returned equally pastey but more experienced, worldly lol and with new friends to share our club moments with!!   11 out of 14 nights had reved us up for fresh Haçienda Clubbing and this night was no exception. 

This set is excellent, again representing the broad spectrum of House played at the Haçienda pumping energy and excitment... those basslines send me everytime.  It reminds me of the times I would take a break, wander up to the balcony and chat with total strangers whilst sharing a bottle of water and a moment watching the place move as one wave of raw clubbing energy - good times.  Everyone who frequented the Haçienda dancefloor at that time must have wished those nights would continue forever and this is why... download and enjoy!

Download Graeme Park & Mike Pickering 1990.10.06 @ Haçienda Manchester

Password - Pick199010

This set has been shared before with a different date - the 5th October, please note that according to Hooky's Book 'How Not To Run a Club' Dave Booth played the Haçienda that night so I am placing this set as the 6th!!

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