Sunday, 20 January 2013

Graeme Park 1990.02.01 @ Haçienda Manchester

What made some of these nights was the crowd, the whistles, the hand claps, chatting to complete strangers who soon became your raving mates... everyone happy and riding the same wave, sharing a moment that to be honest became addictive.  1990 was a good year in the Haçienda for a punter, the music was still fresh with variation in style and those baselines just filled the place as if they were written purely to be played there.  As the tracks in this set drop to the breaks or baselines, close your eyes, turn up the stereo and listen to the crowd... we were there and so now can you!! Enjoy

Graeme Park 1990.02.01 @ Haçienda Manchester Side A

Graeme Park 1990.02.01 @ Haçienda Manchester Side B

Password - GP199002Hac

This photo by photographer Ian Tilton in 1987 fully captures the atmosphere and inhibition of the crowd - ordinary kids dancing with abandon on the podium in the middle of the Haçienda dance floor. A wonderful image, more so as I danced in between this and the stage!

Track list

1. Earth People 'Reach Up To Mars'
2. DMS 'And The Beat Goes On'
3. Sax ft. Elan 'Don't Turn Your Back on Me' (Funny Bone Mix)
4. Sweet Exorcist 'Test Four'
5. The New FADs 'Big' (Baka Mix)
6. Orbital 'Chime'
7. Robin Wants Revenge 'Well (Franklie) My Son'
8. DJ Pierre 'Come Fly With Me'
9. Seduction '(You're My One And Only) True Love' (New York House Mix 2)
10. Nicole 'Rock The House'
11. The Crazy Frenchman - DJ Breaks Classics Vol. 1 'My Favorite Sounds & Breaks'
12. ???
13. Coloursound 'Talk To Me' ..what mix?
14. Silver Bullet 'Bring Forth The Guillotine' (The Revolution Mix)
15. Adventures Of Stevie V 'Dirty Cash' ..v briefly

16. MC's Logik 'Peace and Unity'
17. Fatman feat. Stella Mae 'Release Me' (Gospel Mix)
18. K-Y-Ze 'Stomp (Move, Jump, Jack Your Body)' (Tony Humphries Mix)
19. Debbie Malone 'Rescue Me' (Richie Rich Dub Remix)
20. Tribal House 'Motherland -A-FRI-CA-' (Another Mother Mix)
21. Royal Orchestra Ltd. 'Mykoos Melodee' (Club House Mix)
22. The Beloved 'Your Love Takes Me Higher' (Calyx Of Isis)
23. BBG 'Snappiness'
24. ??? - prob.. Producer 'Nobody Messes With The Godfather'
25. Kicking Back ft Taxman 'Devotion' (Dangerous Mix)
26. Innocence 'Natural Thing'
27. Primal Scream 'Loaded'
28. Cappella 'Everybody Listen To It'

Thanks as always to Brady, Noel and all at OSA for the track list - if you know any of the missing tracks let us know

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