Tuesday 12 March 2013

Greg Wilson 1983.09 @ Haçienda Manchester Freak A Zoids

This is something a little bit special.

1983 Haçienda Manchester. Wow. How I wish I had experienced this.  We all know who Greg is, widely respected for his ground breaking re-edits and his sets are well sort after and prized.  Go on every music forum and there is something about Greg.  Now take your self back to the 1983. Indie was the main stay around Manchester, grandad coats and collar-less shirts.  Likened to a Gothic Cathedral by Tony Wilson the description could be a fair one of rainy bleak Manchester and the Haçienda Nightclub.  However, there was a ray of sunshine, a glimmer of the future of the Haçienda - dance.  Designed by Ben kelly and Peter Saville, the Haçienda took it's influence from New York clubs such as the Loft, Paradise Garage and Danceteria of which the latter influenced Mike Pickering's choice of music policy.  Amongst the Indie nights was this, something utterly brilliant that was to determine the future influences and music policy of the Haçienda from Pickerings Nude nights to the advent of acid house although few probably thought it at the time.  Greg Wilson played throughout 1983 on a Friday night providing a refreshing slice of funk and electro to the otherwise gloomy indie policy.

Broadcast on Piccadilly radio in Manchester live from the Haçienda on a Friday Night in September 1983 you could easily imagine yourself in one of those New York clubs.  Including one of Greg's signiture mixes, New Order's 'Confused Beats' and Rocker's Revenge 'Walking On Sunshine' this Funk Electro based mix just sends me... add to this Phreek's 'Weekend' and the message becomes clear, ground breaking innovative funk and well ahead of it's time.  The only place that this could have happened was in the Haçienda, a place for DJ's that are just that extra bit special and ahead of the game.Once again, I really wish I had been there that night.

Thank you to Greg Wilson for providing this mix - It is something special.

Download  Greg Wilson 1983.09 @ Haçienda Manchester Freak-A-Zoids

Password - Greg1983freak

Greg Wilson

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