Sunday 17 March 2013

Mike Pickering 1991.07 @ Haçienda Manchester Shine

I was listening to this one today whilst cooking and thought as I haven't had a Mike Pickering set for a while on Blog51 That I would list this.  The track list alone is excellent, possibly July Possibly August.  Often I get asked if I preferred the Saturday night or the Friday night?  If I was totally hoest I would say the Nude nights when it was both Park and Pickering but Saturday nights were our night as I loved the vocal house that Parky played but having said this, this set is a fine example of why we did both a Friday and a Saturday in 1991 if we could.  To be more exact it would have been a Wednesday, Friday and a Saturday!  Friday's weren't as glitzy, more dress down and sweat affairs.  

This set contains a few of my favourites too, Optik's 'The Chance' needs to be in everyones' vinyl collection, a dream to blend in and out behind a vocal to build a set, Yolanda's excellent 'Living for the Night', and many of us did, cheesy I know but totally true,  Arthur Baker's Let There be Love' and the wicked 'A Roller Skating Jam Called Saturday's' by De La Soul to name a few.

Feel free to download and experience a Friday 'Shine' night at the Hacçienda

 Mike Pickering 1991.07 @ Haçienda Manchester Side A

Mike Pickering 1991.07 @ Haçienda Manchester Side B

Password - MikeShine91


  1. Got this one off Newy a few years back, I have a tracklist for it...

    July\Aug(ish) '91

    1. Cookie Watkins 'I'm Attracted To You' (Maurice's Mix)
    2. Underground Resistance feat Yolanda 'Living For The Night' (For the Nite Mix)
    3. Nomad 'Something Special' (Joey Negro Mix)
    4. Ariel 'Rollercoaster'
    5. ??? - Yello?
    6. Optik 'The Chance To Mix'
    7. Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam 'Let The Beat Hit 'Em' (LL With Love RC Mix)
    8. Chosen Few\Positivity 'Positivity'
    9. The Reese Project 'Direct Me' (Underground Resistance Mix)

    10. ???
    11. Thompson Twins 'Come Inside' (Feedback Max House Mix)
    12. Stone Drive 'Enjoy Your Life'
    13. 2 In A Room 'Do What You Want' (David Morales Slammin' Dub)
    14. Dance Advisory Commission 'Free Your Mind' (House Instrumental)
    15. Arthur Baker And The Backbeat Disciples 'Let There Be Love' (Dee Love 12" Mix)
    16. Nikita Warren 'I Need You' (Flute Mix)
    17. Audio Deluxe '60 Seconds'
    18. De La Soul 'A Roller Skating Jam Named "Saturdays"' (Mo Mo Dub)
    19. Cut 'N' Move 'Get Serious' (Basement Boys Serious Club Mix)

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