Monday 4 March 2013

Jon Da Silva 1992.03.04 @ Haçienda Manchester Rob's Records Party

21 years ago to the date, right now we would have been on the dance floor in between the two striped pillars feeling the buzz and taking in the atmosphere.  ACR, Anambi, Jon Da Silva, and Dave Rolfe played that night celebrating the man himself Rob Gretton.  21 years where does it go?

Rob Gretton of course is famous for several things, well many things, Factory Records, Joy Division, Slaughter & The Dogs, New Order, a record label that capitalised where factory didn't!  Rob's records put out great dance hits, Artists such as Sub Sub 'Aint No Love', the excellent Anambi 'Our Love Climbs Higher', Beat Club's 'Security'and Mr Scruff's 'Hocuspocus' can be found in my collection.  It still baffles me why Anthony H Wilson never released dance/house records capitalising on the craze that took hold of Manchester and threw it into the world's spotlight - H.O.U.S.E. A Factory dance subsidiary may have influenced Manchester dance in a totally different way; still it left Mike Pickering & Rob free to nurture dance hits.  Listening to Beat Club's 'Security' takes me right back to the Haçienda's dance floor where Rob coincidentally was instrumental in it's foundation, cheers Rob, here's to you.

Jon played an excellent set that night, captured on this 90 minutes tape. A mix of US classics such as Chris Curevas 'Hip Hop',  Marc Anthony's ' Ride The Rhythm'; home grown classics such as K Klass 'Rhythm is a Mystery' (I cant type the name of the track without singing it), and Bassheads 'Who Can Make Me Feel Good'.  I played this today on the plane coming home and believe me I was 21 years younger!  Download and you will see what I mean.

Jon Da Silva 1992.03.04 @ Haçienda Manchester Rob's Records Party Side A

Jon Da Silva 1992.03.04 @ Haçienda Manchester Rob's Records party Side B

Password - RobRec92

I love this shot of Rob, he reminds me of a dodgy New York DJ!

Track list

1. ???
2. Sounds Of Blackness 'The Pressure'
3. Tramaine 'Fall Down' (Acca)
4. Gypsymen 'Stoppin Us'
5. ??? - "oh i'm falling"
6, ??? - very familiar
7. Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam 'Let The Beat Hit Em' (The Paradise Garage Club Mix)
8. Cookie Watkins 'I'm Attracted To You' (Maurice's Mix)\(E-Smoove's Late Night Mix)
9. Photon Inc. 'Generate Power'
10. Blow 'Cutter'
11. New Grooves Vol. II '2 A.M.'
12. Joey Negro 'Do What You Feel'
13. The Emotions 'I Don't Want To Lose Your Love' (Acca)
14. Korda 'Move Your Body'
15. Simone 'My Family Depends On Me' (Dub Instrumental Mix)
16. Little Louie Vega & Marc Anthony 'Ride On The Rhythm'

16. Little Louie Vega & Marc Anthony 'Ride On The Rhythm'
17. S.L.Y. 'I Need A Freak'
18. Clubhouse 'Deep in My Heart' (Red Zone Mix)
19. Jomanda 'Got A Love For You'
20. D-Rail Feat. Randy B 'Bring It On Down'(Dub Mix)
21. Cool House 'Rock This Party Right'
22. Julian 'Jumpin' Perez 'Relight My Fire' (Bad Boy Bill's Mix)
23. K Klass 'Rhythm Is A Mystery'
24. DSK 'What Would We Do' (Slam Remix)
25. Ralphi Rosario 'You Used To Hold Me' beats looped
26. Chris Cuevas 'Hip Hop' (MAW Dub)
27. DSK 'What Would We Do' (Eight Minutes Of Madness Mix)
28. ??? - Ralphi Rosario 'You Used To Hold Me' 
29. The Bassheads 'Who Can Make Me Feel Good'
30. Kym Simms 'To Blind To See It'
31. Ce Ce Peniston 'Finally'
32. First Choice 'Let No Man Put Asunder' (Acca)
33. Members of the House 'These Are My People' (Rainbow Mix)
34. Rochelle Fleming 'Love Itch' Acapella
35. Band of Gypsies 'Take Me Higher'

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