Sunday, 31 March 2013

Tom Wainwright 1995.04.15 @ Haçienda Manchester Easter Weekend

This was a great weekend.  House and disco classics across a 3 hour set.  Donna Summer, Gina Stewart, Frankie Knuckles all mixed to give us one thumping set.  The beauty of Haçienda nights on bank holidays was that Tom And Graeme often stepped away from the more upfront cuts to rummage through the crates pulling out classics to give a true party atmosphere.  Some true Haçienda anthems here, Bump's 'I'm Rushing' and Madonna's 'Vogue' mixed with personal fave Donna Summer's 'Melody of Love' just make me wish I could re-live those nights all over again.  Gotta love a bit of disco too!

Download - 
Tape 1 Side A Tom Wainwright 1995.04.15 @ Hacienda Manchester
Tape 1 Side B Tom Wainwright 1995.04.15 @ Hacienda Manchester
Tape 2 Side A Tom Wainwright 1995.04.15 @ Hacienda Manchester
Tape 2 Side B Tom Wainwright 1995.04.15 @ Hacienda Manchester

1. ???
2. ??? - "warehouse days of glory" samples
3. Love To Infinity 'Keep Love Together' (Toms 5th Circuit Mix)
4. Chrissy Ward 'Right And Exact' (Stonebridge Club Mix)
5. Gina Stewart 'Dance All Night'
6. Brooklyn's Poor & Needy 'Happiness (Is Just Round The Bend)' (Free Cheese Mix)
7. ??? - "get you home tonight, everything will be alright"
8. Frankie Knuckles Featuring Adeva 'Too Many Fish' (Bobby D's Club Mix) ..mix needs confirming
9. Staxx 'You' (Matthews Love Power Mix)
10. ??? - "without a woman"

11. ??? - familiar. kind of copies Kid 'N' Play '2 Hype' (House Inst)
12. ??? - "show me love"
13. Mary J. Blige 'You Bring Me Joy' (E-Smoove's Joyous Club Mix)
14. West 1 'Let The World Know'
15. Montell Jordan‎ 'This Is How We Do It' ..what mix? TT?
16. ??? - "i can't stop loving you, no matter what i try to do"
17. Ellyn Harris‎ 'I'll Show You How' (Extended Mix)
18. Size 9 'I'm Ready'
19. ??? - v familiar

20. ??? - LH vocals?
21. ??? - "fucking bitch ****"?
22. H2O 'Satisfied (Take Me Higher)'
23. Smooth Touch 'House Of Love' (More / Phearce Mix)
24. Donna Summer 'Melody Of Love' ..what mix?
25. Bump 'I'm Rushing' (Big Bump Mix)
26. Shades Of Love 'Keep In Touch (Body To Body)' (1031 Mix)
27. Joi + Jorio‎ 'I Won't Waste Your Time' ..

28. Oui 3 'The Joy Of Living' (Red City Vocal Mix)
28. Oui 3 'The Joy Of Living' (Red City Vocal Mix)
29. Shiva 'Work It Out' (Morales Classic Club Mix)
30. Madonna 'Vogue' (Bette Davis Dub)
31. Nitro Deluxe‎ 'Let's Get Brutal' (Terrence Parker's Paradise In Stoke Remix)
32. WildChild 'Renegade Master' (Original Mix)
33. The Reese Project 'Direct Me' (Danny Taurus Remix)
34. Carolyn Harding & Damon Horton‎ 'Sing A Song' (M.A.W Original Vocal Mix)
35. Michael Jackson 'Smooth Criminal' (Rhythm Brothers Mix)
36. Chrissy Ward 'Right And Exact' (Stonebridge Club Mix)

Thanks to Noel for the Track list

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Greame Park 1993.04 @ Radio 1 Hot Mix with Brothers In Rhythm & Sasha

A little taster for a double pack tomorrow (Easter Sunday).  This is a hot little mix from 3 off the biggest names in clubland at the time.  Graeme Park just delivered tasty treats time after time.  Such was his influence and such was the pull of the Haçienda that he was invited to play on Radio 1 by Pete Tong.  Friday and Saturday's were essential listening back in the day, they certainly provided us with our soundtrack for the weekend, Pete played the most upfront cuts, inports and white labels - so far ahead of the game thta set the template for dance on radio  for years to come.  Graeme plays another of my favs, Eddie Flashin' Foulkes 'Turn me Out' pure class loved this in The Haçienda.  Thanks to Brady for the original share and the track list, it is a great set.

Download Brothers In Rhythm Graeme Park Sasha 1993 @ Radio 1 Hot Mix

Brothers In Rhythm, Graeme Park, DJ Sasha
Radio1 Hot Mix Easter 93 (87min)

* Brothers in Rhythm*
1. Grant Plant - Gotagetup (MFF Records)
2. Helicopter - On Ya Way
3. Ego - Touch Me
4. Cappella - U Got 2 Know (Extended Club Mix)
5. Utah Saints - What Can You Do For Me (David Morales Madness Mix)
6. Lionrock - Packet Of Peace
7. Direckt - 2 Fatt Guitars
8. Mother - All Funked Up
9. Helicopter - Jamama
10. Dr Alban - Sing Hallelujah
11. Chic - Everybody Dance (Evolution Remix) [DMC]

* Graeme Park *
12. International Foot Language - Life On the Loop
13. Eddie Flashin Fowlkes - Turn Me Out (Graeme Park Remix)
14. Sub Sub - Aint No Love
15. Loni Clark - Rushin
16. Wildchild Experience - Jump To My Beat (US Remix)
17. Those Guys - Good Vibrations (Having Fun)
18. Neneh Cherry - Buddy X (Remix)
19. Sound Factory - 2 The Rhythm

* Sasha *
20. CJ Bolland - Mantra (R&S)
21. Solitaire Gee - Slumberland (Warp)
22. Soul Odyssey - Rapture (Original Mix)
23. Fishbone Beat - Always (Psycadelic Martini Remix)
24. Suggestive - Advances
25. No Mass - Hands Of Stone (Apple Records)
26. Liberator - Stand Above Me (OMD)
27. Exposure - Party Claps

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Tom Wainwright 1992.03.13 @ Haçienda Demo Tape

In the build up to Easter here is another Tom Wainwright set. Quality tunes from Tom with vocal cuts from Kathy Sledge 'Take Me Back to Love', Shawn christopher's 'Dont Lose The Magic' and the wonderful frankie Knuckle's 'Workout' mixed up with house cuts like Fire Island In Your Bones' and CLS 'Can You Feel It'.  Pure quality.  Part of a series of demos knocked out from the DJ box back in the day, thanks to Malton Bacon for the share - appreciated

Download Tom Wainwright 1992.03.13 @ Haçienda Demo Tape

Password - Demotw92

Friday, 22 March 2013

Graeme Park & Mike Pickering 1990.01.19 @ Haçienda Manchester Nude

For me one of the defining sounds can be heard in tracks like Jillian Mendez's 'Dont Know What Your Missing' this dub is phenominal and to hear that simple piano hook in the Haç used to send the floor into a hands in the air frenzy.  Coupled with Ricky 'Get Down' Garcia 'Put Your Hands Together' another personal favourite, Carltons 'Do You Dream' and you have the makings of a perfect night - as always in the Haçienda

Download - Graeme Park & Mike Pickering 1990.01.19 @ Hacienda Manchester Nude

Password - Weknowwhatwearemissing

 Friday night behind the decks - how young we were!

Track List

(aka June 90)
1. Yin Yang - Oh-One (Oh-Too Mix) [Rumour Records]
2. Jillian Mendez - Dont Know What Your Missing (Sin Club Dub)
3. Ricky 'Get Down' Garcia - Put Your Hands Together
4. Carlton - Do You Dream
5. 4 For Money - Its A Moment In Time
6. Mister B - Lets Get Horny "everybody reach"
7. Asmo - Jam The Dance
8. 2 For Joy - In A State (Juno Latuno Mix)
9. Raul Orellana - The Real Wild House
10. ??? "i like sunshine" piano
11. Double Dee feat Danny - Found Love
12. Together - Hardcore Uproar
13. Brothers In Ryhmn - Peace And Harmony
14. Black Box - Everybody (acappella)
15. DJ Atomico 'Herbie' - Atomic House (House Music Was Born)
16. Marina Van Rooy - Sly One
17. Hibrid - Hypnotizin
18. KLF - What Time Is Love
19. Tricky Disco - Tricky Disco [Warp]
Thanks to Noel brady and OSA for the tracklist, if number 10 can be identified drop me a line... 

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Tom Wainwright 1993.05 @ Haçienda Manchester

The first of several Tom Wainwright that I am adding to BLOG51 over the next few weeks leading up to Easter.  This has been on my stereo system all morning.  Gritty US House with funky vocals.  Tom was headlining on a regular basis around this time with Graeme off playing venues like Decandance, Renaissance and Ministry Of Sound.  You can hear why in this set, building with instrumentals, a few more commercial elements and pure solid US vocals and dubs.  Excellent stuff for a spring morning.

Tom Wainwright 1993.05 @ Haçienda Manchester Side A

Tom Wainwright 1993.05 @ Haçienda Manchester Side B

Password - Spring93TW

Track list
1. The Look 'Glammer Girl'
2. ???
3. Serious Rope Presents Sharon Dee Clarke 'Happiness' (Serious Rope Remix)
4. Eddie Fowlkes 'Turn Me Out' ..(Parkside Instrumental Mix) or (Parkside Hacienda Dub)
5. ??? - "felt the power from deep within me"
6. Victor Simonelli presents Sound of One 'I Know A Place'
7. ??? - 
8. Mother 'All Funked Up'
9. Mr. Peach 'Let's Dance'
10. Solitaire Gee 'Slumberland'
11. Reel 2 Real Featuring The Mad Stuntman 'Go On Move'
12. TC 1993 'Harmony'
13. Direkt 'Two Fatt Guitars' (Babetastic Mix)

13. Direkt 'Two Fatt Guitars' (Babetastic Mix)
14. ??? - "i'm singing this song child"?
15. Inner City 'Ain't Nobody Better'
16. Neneh Cherry 'Buddy X' (Masters At Work 12" House Remix)
17. ??? - "oh i need you" Loleatta Holloway samples
18. Subterranea ft Ann Consuelo 'Do It for Love' (Stonebridge Mix)
19. D:Ream 'U R the Best Thing' (Mo Bass Part II)
20. ??? - Dupree 'Brass Disk' remix\samples\acca over summat?
21. Martha Wash 'Give It To You' (Momo's Klub Mix)
22. Rupaul 'House Of Love'

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Mike Pickering 1991.07 @ Haçienda Manchester Shine

I was listening to this one today whilst cooking and thought as I haven't had a Mike Pickering set for a while on Blog51 That I would list this.  The track list alone is excellent, possibly July Possibly August.  Often I get asked if I preferred the Saturday night or the Friday night?  If I was totally hoest I would say the Nude nights when it was both Park and Pickering but Saturday nights were our night as I loved the vocal house that Parky played but having said this, this set is a fine example of why we did both a Friday and a Saturday in 1991 if we could.  To be more exact it would have been a Wednesday, Friday and a Saturday!  Friday's weren't as glitzy, more dress down and sweat affairs.  

This set contains a few of my favourites too, Optik's 'The Chance' needs to be in everyones' vinyl collection, a dream to blend in and out behind a vocal to build a set, Yolanda's excellent 'Living for the Night', and many of us did, cheesy I know but totally true,  Arthur Baker's Let There be Love' and the wicked 'A Roller Skating Jam Called Saturday's' by De La Soul to name a few.

Feel free to download and experience a Friday 'Shine' night at the Hacçienda

 Mike Pickering 1991.07 @ Haçienda Manchester Side A

Mike Pickering 1991.07 @ Haçienda Manchester Side B

Password - MikeShine91

Friday, 15 March 2013

Graeme Park 1993 @ Haçienda Manchester Tape 2

I don't know the exact date of this one, to be honest I don't remember much about 1993 except that we were spending our clubbing moments in between Venus in Nottingham on a Friday and the Haçienda on a Saturday.  This set is dirty simple as that.  Pumping vocal, deep house and garage that flows relentlessly.  Definitely a set to be played late at night.  If anyone can let me know roughly what month it was from it would be appreciated. 

Graeme Park 1993 @ Haçienda Manchester Tape 2 Side A

Graeme Park 1993 @ Haçienda Manchester Tape 2 Side B

Password - Dirtyhousemusic

Track List

1. Kiss Of Life 'Love Connection'
2. Nu Phonic Featuring Charvoni 'No More Heartache'
3. ???
4. Reel 2 Real 'I Like To Move It"
5. Popcorn 'Chinese Checkers'
6. George Morel - Morel's Grooves 4 'Talk To Me'
7. Romanthony 'Testify'
8. ??? - "love will find"
9. Kreem Featuring Jennifer Kendall 'Now Is The Time'
10. ??? - "i'll give you all night love"
11. ??? - "the way you do what you do"
12. D Mob 'Why' ..what mix?

12. D Mob 'Why' ..what mix?
13. ??? - "the spirit is taking me higher"
14. Outrage 'Theme from Outrage' (That Piano Mix)
15. ??? - "you know"
16. Tension 'In a Place Called Heaven' (Joey Negro's Main Mix)
17. S.A.I.N. 'It's Alright'
18. Slo Moshun 'Bells Of N.Y.'
19. Inner City 'Do Ya'
20. Soul II Soul 'Back To Life' ..what mix?
21. All Things Nice 'Luv Tribe'

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Greg Wilson 1983.09 @ Haçienda Manchester Freak A Zoids

This is something a little bit special.

1983 Haçienda Manchester. Wow. How I wish I had experienced this.  We all know who Greg is, widely respected for his ground breaking re-edits and his sets are well sort after and prized.  Go on every music forum and there is something about Greg.  Now take your self back to the 1983. Indie was the main stay around Manchester, grandad coats and collar-less shirts.  Likened to a Gothic Cathedral by Tony Wilson the description could be a fair one of rainy bleak Manchester and the Haçienda Nightclub.  However, there was a ray of sunshine, a glimmer of the future of the Haçienda - dance.  Designed by Ben kelly and Peter Saville, the Haçienda took it's influence from New York clubs such as the Loft, Paradise Garage and Danceteria of which the latter influenced Mike Pickering's choice of music policy.  Amongst the Indie nights was this, something utterly brilliant that was to determine the future influences and music policy of the Haçienda from Pickerings Nude nights to the advent of acid house although few probably thought it at the time.  Greg Wilson played throughout 1983 on a Friday night providing a refreshing slice of funk and electro to the otherwise gloomy indie policy.

Broadcast on Piccadilly radio in Manchester live from the Haçienda on a Friday Night in September 1983 you could easily imagine yourself in one of those New York clubs.  Including one of Greg's signiture mixes, New Order's 'Confused Beats' and Rocker's Revenge 'Walking On Sunshine' this Funk Electro based mix just sends me... add to this Phreek's 'Weekend' and the message becomes clear, ground breaking innovative funk and well ahead of it's time.  The only place that this could have happened was in the Haçienda, a place for DJ's that are just that extra bit special and ahead of the game.Once again, I really wish I had been there that night.

Thank you to Greg Wilson for providing this mix - It is something special.

Download  Greg Wilson 1983.09 @ Haçienda Manchester Freak-A-Zoids

Password - Greg1983freak

Greg Wilson

Friday, 8 March 2013

Allister Whitehead 1992.08 @ Haçienda Manchester Shine

Another Friday night and another night from shine and another Haçienda exclusive never posted on the net before.

Allister Whitehead returns to BLOG51 with a set from August 1992.  Full of peak time US piano and vocal house grooves, tight mixing and thumping baselines.  You can see why Allister played regualrly at the Hacienda.  Allister used to play alongside Graeme Park at Kool Kat in Nottingham in the early days of his career.  Progressing to the Haçienda in 1992 to take over from Mike Pickering for a residency on a Friday night, Allister soon dominated many of the North's major nights with spots at Cream, Golden and even showing clubbers in the South how it was done at the Ministry of Sound.  You can see exactly why Allister was so much in demand in this set. 

This tasty vocal house treat is dedicated to the HomeOfHOuse crew. I reckon its right down your street!

Download Allister Whitehead 1992.08 @ Haçienda Manchester Shine

Password - SHINEON92