Monday, 31 December 2012

Tom Wainwright 1993.12.31 @ Haçienda Manchester NYE

I had to share a set from the Haçienda on New Year's Eve.... this is a fine set from Tom Wainwright who I definitely think rocked the Haçienda throughout 1993 and into 1994.  His mixing style was impeccable using dubs alongside vocal US House cuts to build and dominate the floor

What ever you do tonight, enjoy this set and have a great time.... best wishes for the forth coming year and be sure to visit BLOG51 in the new year for more great Haçienda moments, and some more Haçienda exclusives


Tom Wainwright 1993.12.31 @ Haçienda Manchester NYE Side A

Tom Wainwright 1993.12.31 @ Haçienda Manchester NYE Side B

Password - TomW3112 


Tom Wainwright @ Hacienda 31 Dec '93
1. Aretha Franklin 'A Deeper Love' ..prob (Bad Yard Club) poss with Acapella?
2. Martha Wash 'Give It To You' (Momo's Klub Mix)
3. Alex Party 'Read My Lips' (June Party)
4. Bottom Dollar 'Rock Your Body'
5. Hustlers Convention 'Hustlers Party' (Clubtastic Mix)
6. Seven Grand Housing Authority 'The Question'
7. Ramp 'Rock The Discotek'
8. Shy One 'Another Man'
9. The Fog 'Been A Long Time'

10. Roach Motel 'Movin' On'
11. David Morales & The Bad Yard Club 'Gimme Luv (Eenie Meenie Miny Mo)'
12. Reel 2 Real 'Go On Move'
13. The Wildchild Experience - Wildtrax Vol. 2 'Jump To My Beat'
14. The Cotton Club - The Blue E.P. - Cotton Wool (Part 2) 'Dowatchawanna'
15. Brothers Love Dubs 'Ming's Incredible Disco Machine' (Elustrious Remix)
16. S.A.I.N 'It's Alright'
17. Slo Moshun 'Bells Of N.Y.'
18. Ce Ce Peniston 'I'm In The Mood'
19. BlackWood 'I Feel You' (New York Mix)

Thanks again to the OSA crew for the tracklisting

Happy New Year :O)

Saturday, 29 December 2012

Graeme Park 1992.10.03 @ Haçienda Manchester

Listening to this today in the car so it had to be the one added to the Blog.  It is a tape that always puts me in a good mood and I especially love the last 2 tracks.  Something to put on in the build up to NYE!!

Enjoy - Andrew

Graeme Park 1992.10.03 @ Haçienda Manchester Side A

Graeme Park 1992.10.03 @ Haçienda Manchester Side B

Password - Park9210


 1. Nightcrawlers 'Push the Feelin' On (MK's Dub of Doom)
2. Deep Style 'Down' (Elementary Dub)
3. Sample Minded 'You've Got Me Runnin''
4. TC Crew 'I Can't Do It Alone' (Pings mix)
5. Freeek Beat 'Chez Vous' (Prix Fixe Mix)
6. ???
7. James Howard 'Feeling Good' (Go! Bang Mix)
8. Bizarre Inc 'I'm Gonna get You' (Todd Terry Rave Dub)
9. 1 Vision 'My Underground'
10. Degrees Of Motion 'Free Your Soul' (Wicked Riddim)

11. Solution 'Feels So Right'
12. Herman 'Tumblin' Down'
13. Reese Project 'I Believe' (Chez Damier Mix)
14. Heaven 17 'Temptation' (Bros in Rhythm Mix)
15. Melanie Williams 'Everyday Thing'
16. Club 69 'Let Me Be Your Underwear'
17. TC1992 'Funky Guitar'
18. Mel'isa Morgan 'Still In Love With You' (MAW Hard Love Dub)
19. Unit 2 'Sunshine'
20. MFSB 'K-Jee'
21. Hamilton Bohannon 'Let's Start The Dance'

Thanks to Noel, Stu W, Glenn and Grover for the tracklist!

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Tom Wainwright 1992.12.26 @ Haçienda Manchester - Boxing Day

A Boxing day set from the Haçienda - Imagine the atmosphere, the vibe, the anticipation - Christmas day is over and the party season is building... no work the next day, all your friends out with the only thing on our minds - party excess and letting loose... this is one of them sets to do that to!! 

Never shared before on the internet and freshly ripped from the master tape... re-live boxing day as it was 21 years ago..... Merry Christmas everyone

Download Tom Wainwright 1992.12.26 @ Haçienda Manchester

Password TomW26

The image here is one of two limited run prints depicting the Haçienda. If I have trhis corect this print is 'the Haçienda Interior West Print'.  It can be bought at faç51thehaç website.  There is a link on the right. Would sure look good above my decks... alas not gonna happen!!

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Graeme Park & Mike Pickering 1989.08.27 @ Nude Haçienda Manchester

This is the night I first started to go regularly to the Haçienda on a house night.  Previous to this I was DJ'ing at 2 Indie nights in Warrington and was becoming disillusioned with the scene.  I was trying to mix up house sounds with the Madchester vibe and regular indie tracks but my heart wasn't in it - Especially as I had just been threatened with broken legs if i didnt play any rockabilly ffs!!    Like I am gonna play it even with a threat!    So off to the Haçienda we went and I walked in to the mayhem that were 'Nude' nights and I never looked back!   I was hooked and red stripe never tasted the same again!

I have shared this elsewhere before, but it is a tasty example of the 'Haçienda' sound, huge basslines and deep house, plus any set with Sandee's 'Notice me' in it does it for me - excellent stuff - enjoy!

Download Graeme Park & Mike Pickering 1989.08.27 @ Nude Haçienda Manchester


1. Rhythim Is Rhythim 'It Is What It Is'
2. ??? - "you've got the power" "are you ready" on other set somewhere
3. Mystique 'Salsa Party'
4. Bizarre Inc. 'Time To Get Funky' (The Original Version) (Rockford Illinois Mix)
5. Farley 'Jackmaster' Funk 'U Ain't Really House' (Really Instrumental)
6. Frequency 9 - Unreleased Deconstruction White Label
7. Phortune 'String Free' ..think it's (Dash Riprock Mix)
8. ??? - familiar acid \ Kym Mazelle 'Useless' ..what mix? A Capella?
9. New Blood 'Touch Me (Te Quiero)'
10. Phuture Pfantasy Club 'Slam' \ Wanda Dee 'To The Bone' (Accapella)
11. Wanda Dee 'To The Bone' (Accapella)
12. ??? - TT style track "feel the heat"
13. Wayout 'Chi Qui Ah'
14. ??? - JB "woah yeah" + beats looped
15. Rhythim Is Rhythim 'Strings Of Life' ..what mix?
16. Mix 'N' Tell 'Feel The Beat' (Bad Boy Bill Mix)
17. Julian 'Jumpin' Perez & Kool Rock Steady 'Ain't We Funky Now'
18. The Bass Boyz 'Lost In The Bass' (Mike 'Hitman' Wilson Mix)
19. ??? - samples SSH 'Jack Your Body' bassline. breifly

20. Pink Noise 'Give Me Energy' ..think it's (Hyper Dub Mix)
21. Greg Lee 'Got U On My Mind' (Mona Mixx)
22. ??? - "latin house"
23. Les Sun Rae 'Revelation'
24. ???
25. Mayday 'Nude Photo '88' (Acid Burns Mix)
26. Keith (The Key Man) Edwards 'Solutions' (House Mix)
27. The Project 'Here We Go'
28. Cool House 'Rock This Party Right' (Fast Eddie's Raw Mix)
29. Akasa 'One Night In My Life'
30. Two Without Hats 'Try Yazz'
31. The Break Boys 'Listen To The Rhythm Flow'
32. Sandee 'Notice Me'
33. Psycho Team 'Psycho'
34. Liaisons D 'Future FJP'
35. ??? - "baby" "don't stop"

Thanks once again to Noel, Brady, Konspiracy for the tracklist

Graeme Park 1991.09.28 @ Haçienda Manchester

Probably my favourite year and month at the Haçienda, I thought the atmosphere and the music policy were superb at this time and evoke some heady memories of clubbing in the Northwest, Ku In Huddersfield, Legends in Warrington, and Shellys in Stoke when the Haçienda was shut - but we always went back to Faç51 - for me there was no place like it...... 

Download Graeme Park 1991.09.28 @ Haçienda Manchester

Password - Park1991

The image above depicts the Haçienda dancefloor and alcoves... In our first monthsof going on a regular basis we used to sit on the wall at the back of these, drop and watch the place fill up, feel the tempo build, feel the moment until the 'whoosh' happened and the place would erupt into a sea of dancing bodies in sync!  The image is entitled 'The Haçienda Interior East' and is one of a limited run of silk screen prints.  Cathedral like it captures the scale of the Haçienda perfectly, and boy does it bring back some memories.  I dont recall it looking this fresh though!

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Graeme Park 1990.11.24 @ Nude Haçienda Manchester

Not sure anymore if I have shared this tape before or not!!  It reminds me of the days when HOUSE was more eclectic and of the thrill walking past those huge windows along the front of the Haçienda, feeling them rattle as the bass pulsated through the glass.  The thrill and rush of expectation at that moment was huge and you knew it was going to be a good night - even now the memory of it still brings shivers to my spine

Download Graeme Park 1990.11.24 @ Haçienda Manchester

Password - Parky1124

Monday, 17 December 2012

Mike Pickering 1989.01.18 @ Haçienda - Hitman & Her 

Well documented in the annals of House History... Pete Waterman & Michaela Strachan receive an education at the Haçienda where the tunes are blended non stop and shock horror without someone ranting in-between tracks!!  

I recall many a sad night after a club up until 1989 watching the Hitman and Her after being kicked out a club at 2.00am!  Imagine the joy seing the rip being taken out the Pete Waterman and Michaela as they just didn't get it!

Download Mike Pickering 1989.01.18 @ Haçienda Hit man & Her

Password HitHer89

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Mike Pickering & Sasha 1992.04 @ Shine Haçienda Manchester

The first of my mixes from Sasha from a Friday night @ Shine in April 1992 playing with Mike Pickering.  Sasha is well documented to have been influenced by the Haçienda and especially Mike Pickering and Graeme Park, which inspired him to go for it himself.   

Download Mike Pickering & Sasha 1992.04 @ Haçienda Manchester

Password - MikSha92

Buckley 1996.02 @ Haçienda Manchester

Another excellent set from Haçienda regular Buckley, freshly ripped for your enjoyment.  A very tasty set indeed

Buckley 1996.02 @ Haçienda Manchester

Password - Buck96

Friday, 14 December 2012

Russ 1994.06.06 @ Shine Haçienda Manchester

As it says on the label!  Another excellent night at Shine this time DJ Russ from Out In The Sticks fame favouring US house and garage

Prominant around Manchester, even running his own record shop Russ played frequently in the Haçienda from 1992 and can be seen playing the Haçienda30 nights now.  Grab this and own a slice of Manchester History

Download Russ 1994.06.06 @ Shine Haçienda Manchester 

Password - RUSS94

Tom Wainwright 1992.05.15 @ Haçienda Manchester

DJ partner of Grame Park on a Saturday night, undoubtably one of the finest who graced the Haçienda wheels of steel.  Tom's blend of US house never failed to fill the hallowed dancefloor.  1992 was an excellent period in the Haçienda with seemless mixing each week building on the preceding one.  Queues right round the building and a heady party atmosphere.  For me it is probably the consistency of the resident DJ's that led to the success of the Haçienda.  The consistency, the developement of music style, knowing the crowd and of course extraordinary talent - enjoy!

Download Tom Wainwright 1992.05.15 @ Haçienda Manchester

Password - TomW1

1. Secret Lovers 'Do Me Right' (Midnight Rendez-Vous)
2. 4 Love 'Hold Your Head Up High' ...suspect it is (Backlash Vocal) or (Night Mix)
3. Underground Hop 'Make It Without You' on TW@Hac27May92
4. ??? - "there'll never be no one like you"
5. MK 'Burning' (MK Extended Remix)
6. ??? - Virgo 'Mechanically Replayed' cover\samples
7. Tevin Campbell 'Goodbye' (Tevin´s Dub Pt. 1+2)
8. A Man Called Adam 'Bread, Love And Dreams' (Parkside Mix)
9. Chez Damier 'Can You Feel It' (Club Mix)
10. Deep Beats Vol 1 'Track B1'
11. Jamie Principle 'Date With The Rain' (Hurleys Dub Mix)
12. Clubland '(I'm Under) Love Strain' (Lost In Dub)
13. Ira Levi 'Free Your Mind' (Club Vocal Mix)
14. Kenyatta 'Keep Me Comin'' (Life Force Club Mix)
15. ??? - breakbeat "check this out" on TW@Hac27May92
16. ??? - "natural high"
17. Deep Beats Vol 1 'Track 1 - Siren\Code Red'
18. Blake Baxter 'One More Time' (Red Planet Mix)
19. Blackwood 'I Feel You' ..what mix? (Full On Mix)? (Drown In Dub)?
20. Producers On Wax 'Feel The Piano' (Matt`s Piano Mix)
21. Inner City 'Pennies From Heaven'
22. ??? - also on GP@hac9may92
23. Kathy Sledge 'Take Me Back To Love Again' (Steve Anderson DMC Mix)
24. Degrees Of Motion 'Shine On' (Extended Album Mix)
25. Voices Of 6th Avenue‎ 'Call Him Up' What mix? BIR?
26. ??? - "like brother like sister we are as one" "this has gotta be the jam they don't wanna miss"
27. Clubland Featuring Zemya Hamilton 'Set Me Free' (12" Club Mix)

Thanks to Noel for the list 

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Graeme Park 1993.11.06 @ Haçienda Manchester

Saturday night at the Haçienda - another set ripped from the master copy recorded on the night. OK! I have to admit, Graeme Park is my number one DJ and this set shows why, excellent tunes, well mixed together, excellent scratching... I could go on and on but instead download and listen from yourself!! Just play it loud!

Download Graeme Park 1993.11.06 @ Haçienda Manchester

Password - ParkG1


1. The Daou 'Give Myself To You' (Grand Ballroom Mix)
2. ??? - "Talking About Freedom" Ernesto Scott & Larry Singh?
3. K.W.S. 'It Seems To Hang On' (DJ Duke Master Blaster Mix)
4. Darryl James & David Anthony – Project 1 'It's Getting Bigger'
5. Joe Roberts 'Lover' (Reconstruction Mix)
6. ??? - "love you baby"
7. Adeva 'Respect' (Dum Drum Dub)
8. ??? - familiar.. "having the time of my life" "just a little bit of your love" over and over again"
9. Tension 'A Place Called Heaven' (Joey Negro's Main Mix)
10. Ce Ce Peniston 'I'm In The Mood' (Bad Yard Mix)
11. Cafe Latino 'Esta Es La Musica'

12. 5th Circuit 'Sexy Movemaker'
13. Loni Clark 'U' (House Mix)
14. Unation 'Dreaming' ..what mix? ..prob (Deep Down Dub) or (Bassman Mix)
15. Colourblind 'Nothing Better' (TMVS Club)
16. S.A.I.N. 'It's Alright'
17. Sagat 'Fuk Dat' (Marcus' Plastic Dub)
18. Alex Party 'Read My Lips'
19. Silver City 'Love Infinity' (Parkside Saturday Night Dub)
20. Eternal 'Save Our Love' ..what mix?
21. Dina Carroll 'Here' (West End Mix)
22. House Of Virginism 'I'll Be There For You' (Stones Club Mix)

Thanks to Noel, Brady, Boyohull and OSA peeps for the listings

Graeme Park 1993.01.09 @ Haçienda

I have posted this on music forums before now, but i enjoy this one so thought it had to be shared again

Representative of some great times in the Haçienda - download and enjoy 

Download Graeme Park 1993.1.09 @ Haçienda Manchester

Password - Park93


1. Tuff Productions feat. Carol Leeming 'Won't Get To Heaven' (Extended Diva Mix)
2. Mount Rushmore 'The Vibe (That's Flowing)'
3. ??? - female scat
4. Metropolis 'Metropolis'
5. ???
6. Taana Gardner 'What Can I Do For You' (Club Mix)
7. Sandy B 'Feel Like Singin'' (B.O.P. Till You Drop Mix)
8. The S.O.U.L. S.Y.S.T.E.M. 'It's Gonna Be A Lovely Day' (The Palladium House Anthem I)
9. Saffron 'Circles'
10. Melanie Williams 'Everyday Thang'

11. Cynthia M 'Everything I Do' (Underground House Mix)
12. Subterranea ft Ann Consuelo 'Do It for Love' (Stonebridge Club Mix)
13. Robin S 'Show Me Love'
14. West End Featuring Sybil 'The Love I Lost' (12" Club Mix)
15. Watanabe 'Odoru'
16. Mental Instrum 'Bott-ee Rider' (Smack That Bott-ee Mix)
17. Rapination And Kym Mazelle 'Love Me The Right Way' (The Real Rapino 12" Mix)
18. RuPaul 'House of Love'
19. Sonic Surfers Featuring Jocelyn Brown 'Take Me Up'
20. Sister Sledge 'We Are Family' ..think it's (Sure Is Pure Remix)

As always thanks to the OSA crew for the tracklisting - appreciated

Graeme Park 1992.12.12 @ Haçienda Manchester

A second set dated the 12th of the 12th.  Graeme Park from 1992 smooth as silk.  This hs been ripped from the master copy of the cassette taken direct from the DJ booth on the night

Download Graeme Park 1992.12.12 @ Haçienda Manchester

Password - Park1212

Pete Heller 1992.09 @ Shine Haçienda Manchester

I believe this is a Shine set from a Friday night.  An excellent DJ pivitol in the early days of acid house being involved in the Shoom nights in London.  Pete also has strong ties to Manchester - he has done recent mixes for the Haçienda nights which i will try to dig out. 


Download - Pete Heller 1992.09 @ Shine Haçienda Manchester

Password - Heller1


1. U2 'Even Better Than The Real Thing' ..what mix?
2. Masters At Work 'Maw Said'
3. ??? - latino female scat
4. ??? - male scat "your mind is going crazy"
5. Luther Vandross & Janet Jackson 'The Best Things In Life Are Free ' (Def Version)
6. Djaimin 'Give You' (Dancefloor Syndromad Mix) (2 Copies)
7. ??? - Roberta Gilliam 'Take Me' Intro or Masters At Work 'Maw Said'
8. Tood Terry 'Jingo'
9. ??? - brief
10. ???
11. Chez Damier 'Can You Feel It' (MK New York Dub)
12. Degrees Of Motion 'Shine On' (Junior Style Dub Mix)

13. ??? - "shout it"
14. Solution 'Feels So Right'
15. ??? - "do the bottey rider" ..mix of Mental Instrum?
16. Freeek Beat 'Chez Vous' ..chk mix
17. Rare Arts (Ft R.I.C.) 'Yeah (I Got You Movin')' .. think it's (Rub a Dub Mix)
18. James Howard 'Feeling Good'
19. Sunscreem 'Perfect Motion' (Boys Own Mix)
20. ??? - female scat
21. No Smoke 'Koro Koro'
22. Liberty City 'Some Lovin'' ..i think
23. 1 Vision 'My Underground'
24. ??? - "anilating rhythm"
25. Gypsymen 'Daylite'
26. Funky Green Dogs From Outer Space 'Reach For Me'

thanks to Noel for the tracklist

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Jon Da Silva & Mike Pickering 1990.12.12 @ Void Haçienda Manchester

To mark the 12th of the 12th of the 12th I am sharing a Haçienda Void night with DJ's Mike Pickering and Jon Da Silva.  Recorded on a Wednesday night.  

Wednesday's used to be the start of our weekend with a trip to Hott Waxx records in Warrington, the train journey to fallowfield in Manchester and then the Haçienda with Julie and Anna.... some great nights, not as crowded as the weekend nights but a heady atmosphere and some crackin Italian, Uk and American house cuts... Download and enjoy 

Download - Jon Da Silva & Mike Pickering 1990.12.12 @ Void Haçienda Manchester

Password - JDS1212


1. E-Zee Possee 'The Sun Machine' (Rapped Up Warm Mix)
2. L.F.O. 'L.F.O.'
3. Mr. Monday 'Future' \ First Choice 'Let No Man Put Asunder' (Acca)
4. JT Company 'Don't Deal With US'
tiny bit of Quartz 'We're Coming At Ya'
5. Ico + Sindy 'Undercover'
6. Humanoid 'The Deep'
7. ??? - "i just wanna go to heaven" "you can feel the fire burning" "liar"
8. How II House 'Time To Feel the Rhythm'
9. Robin Wants Revenge 'Well (Franklie) My Son'
10. Sinnamon 'I Need You Now' (Acca)
11. Tom Salta 'New Generation' (House Club Mix)
12. Xpansions 'Elevation'
13. Off Shore 'I Can't Take The Power'

14. Capella 'Everybody Listen To It'
15. 2 For Joy - World Party
16. Man With No Name‎ 'Way Out West'
17. K Klass 'Wildlife'
18. Freestyle Orchestra & D-Borah 'Keep On Pumpin It Up'
19. Cartouche 'Feel The Groove'
20. Nicole 'Rock The House'
21. Key Tronics Ensemble 'House of Calypso'
22. Sterling Void 'Set Me Free'
23. Nomad '(I Wanna Give You) Devotion' there another tune plyd underneath or is it part of a remix?
24. Orr-Some 'We Can Make It'
25. LA Mix 'Love Together' (1990 Mix)
26. Taja Sevelle 'Love Is Contagious' (Ben Liebrand DMC Mix)
27. E-Zee Possee Feat Dr Mouthquake 'Love On Love'

Thanks to Noel and Konspiracy for the tracklisting 

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

John Digweed 1994.09.01 @ Haçienda Manchester

Download John Digweed 1994.09.01 @ Haçienda Manchester 

Password - Dig1

Possibly recorded at one of the Transform nights that took place during 1994, anymore information on this set would be welcome.  A highly rated DJ whose style rocked the Haçienda in this classic set.
Graeme Park & Mike Pickering 1989.11 @ Nude Haçienda Manchester

A classic house set from the infamous Nude nights at the Haçienda


Graeme Park & Mike Pickering 1989.11 @ Nude Haçienda Manchester Side A

Graeme Park & Mike Pickering 1989.11 @ Nude Haçienda Manchester Side B

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Alex P & Daniele Davoli 1993.05.21 @ Haçienda 11th Birthday Party

Always a bit special were the Haçienda Birthday nights and the line up of this one was something extra.  The 11th Birthday Party was captured here in this exclusive download to BLOG51


Alex P & Daniele Davoli 1993.05.21 @ Haçienda 11th Birthday Party - Alex P Set

Alex P & Daniele Davoli 1993.05.21 @ Haçienda 11th Birthday Party - Daniele Davoli Set 

Password - AlexP111

Respect to 1963 for the line up list for the night... An awesome line-up and hopefully sets from the other DJ's can be tracked down.

Please do not post the links on other websites, this is an exclusive to BLOG51!

Lil Louis 1992.09.25 @ Haçienda Manchester

Originally I missed this night at the Haçienda and had to endure a mate saying how good it was!  I was made up when i got the original master copy of the cassette recording to hear for myself.... A top HOUSE producer from Chicago rocked the place that night, now you can share that night too. Download and enjoy!

Download Lil Louis 1992.09.25 @ Haçienda Manchester

Password - Lil1


1. ??? - "you better be grateful for every breath you take"
2. ??? - "and then we will do it again"
3. Lil' Louis 'Club Lonely' (I'm On The Guest List Mix)
4. Lil' Louis 'Music Takes U Away' (Serious Instrumental Mix) \ Peech Boys 'Life Is Something Special' (Acapella)
5. Funky Green Dogs From Outer Space 'Reach For Me'
6. Happy Mondays 'Stinkin Thinkin' (Junior Style)
7. Joint Venture 'Master Blaster (Turn It Up)' (Tha Wild Pitch Mix)
8. ??? - "everybody" samples 'People Hold On'. TT?
9. Fingers Inc. 'Bring Down The Walls'

10. ??? - acid \ Tramaine 'Fall Down' (A Capella Vocal)
11. Peter Brown 'Burning Love Breakdown'
12. Forst Choice 'Love Thang'
13. The Charlie Calello Orchestra 'Sing, Sing, Sing' ..i think
14. Gaz 'Sing Sing'
15. Djaimin 'Give You'
16. MK 'Burning' (Vibe Mix)
17. Peech Boys 'Don't Make Me Wait' (Acapella)
18. Sueño Latino 'Sueño Latino' ..what mix? \ MLK 'I Have A Dream' Speech

Thanks to Noel, Brady, Mister DJ and OSA for the tracklist

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Graeme Park 1992.11.28 @ Haçienda Manchester

An excellent set from an excellent night, this week was a bit special for us and marked the last night in a clubbing fortnight that took in Leeds, Huddersfield, Nottingham and Manchester across 7 nights of clubbing - my knees wouldn't take it now!!

Download  Graeme Park 1992.11.28 @ Haçienda Manchester


1. Subterranea ft Ann Consuelo 'Do It for Love' (Stonebridge Mix)
2. Robin S 'Show Me Love'
3. Notturno I'm In Love'
4. Instant Exposure 'I Need A Little More'
5. Tuff Productions feat. Carol Leeming 'Won't Get To Heaven' (Extended Diva Mix)
6. Soul System 'It's Gonna Be A Lovely Day'
7. East Side Beat 'Alive & Kicking' (The Ken Wood Dub)
8. Bottom Dollar 'Infatuation'
9. ??? - "deep down deep inside", "lift you higher", "reach to the top" (for Al)
10. Rodeo Jones 'Natural World'
11. Snap 'Exterminate'
12. Playboys 'Mindgames'

13. Saffron 'Circles'
14. ??? - MFSB 'Love is the Message' remix\cover?
15. Inner City 'Pennies from Heaven' (Tony Humphries Norty Boy Mix)
16. Sybil 'The Love I Lost'
17. Cynthia M 'Everything I Do'
18. Rapination And Kym Mazelle 'Love Me The Right Way' (The Real Rapino 12" Mix)
19. Reese Project 'I Believe' (Reese Club Mantra Mix)
20. Frankie 'Hollywood' Rodriguez 'I'm Happy'
21. Nightmares on Wax 'Happiness!'
22. Nia Peeples 'Streets of Dreams' (Shep Pettibone House Dub)
23. Bobby Brown 'My Perogative'
24. Jackson 5 'Shake Your Body (Down To the Ground)'

Thanks to Noel, Brady, Biskit and others at OldSkoolAnthemz for the tracklisting - appreciated 

Friday, 7 December 2012

Graeme Park 1990.09.15 @ Haçienda Manchester

The first set of many many more to the Blog from Graeme Park...

Undoubtably the DJ that I rate to be in my top 3 DJ's of all time... spent many a night letting loose to Graeme's excellent choice of US Garage and House...

Download and enjoy Andrew

Download Graeme Park 1990.09.15 @ Haçienda Manchester


Wednesday, 5 December 2012

John McCready 1991.12.24 - Hacienda Manchester

The poster designed by Ben Kelly. It shows a cocktail list of drinks available from the Gay Traitor Bar downstairs in the Haçienda - I did once bid on the actual poster that used to hang in the Haçienda - Unfortunately it was not to be but the memories are still there. If I ever see it for sale again it will be mine - happy days
Not a new set and certainly not my rip.... this is something special though, we used to go downstairs and listen to John play as we enjoyed a drink or two.  Happy memories enjoying a mix of house and disco as John played under a poster designed by Ben Kelly.   it is still as excellent to this day as that night in 1991 - download, turn up the volume and enjoy


1. The Emotions 'Best of My Love'
2. Nicole 'Rock The House'
3. Adeva 'I Thank You'
4. Sabrina Johnston 'Friendship'
5. Ce Ce Peniston 'We Got a Love Thang'
6. Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam 'Let The Beat Hit 'Em' (LL With Love RC Mix)
7. Joey Negro 'Do What You Feel'
8. Raw Silk 'Do It To The Music'
9. David Joseph 'You Can't Hide (Your Love From Me)'
10. Shalamar 'Take That To The Bank'
11. Chic 'Le Freak'

11. Chic 'Le Freak'
12. Evelyn 'Champagne' King 'Shame'
13. Shalamar 'Right In The Socket'
14. The Jacksons 'Walk Right Now'
15. Brothers In Rhythm 'Peace & Harmony'
16. Seduction '(You're My One And Only) True Love' (New York House Mix 2)
17. Black Box 'Strike It Up'
18. Sylvester 'You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)'
19. Chaka Khan 'I'm Every Woman'
20. Rose Royce 'Is It Love You're After?'
21. Side Effect 'Always There'
Allister Whitehead 1992.04 @ Haçienda Manchester

One of my favourite DJ's with a history deep routed in the early house scene from the KoolKat in Nottingham  

Allister played regularly at Shine on a Friday night

Allister Whitehead 1992.04 @ Haçienda Manchester Side A

Allister Whitehead 1992.04 @ Haçienda Manchester Side B

enjoy Andrew
Buckley 1992.12.23 @ Haçienda Manchester

A fresh rip from a Wednesday night at the infamous Haçienda Nightclub in Manchester.  Some excellent New York House in this set.

Another exclusive to BLOG51 - enjoy

Download DJ Buckley 1992.12.23 @ Haçienda Manchester

Password - Buck1

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Claudio Coccoluto 1994.06 @ Haçienda Manchester

A freshly ripped set from Claudio.... wicked mixing and some excellent tunes


Claudio Coccoluto 1994.06 @ Haçienda Manchester

Password - Claudio1

Monday, 3 December 2012

Dave Law 1996.01.24 @ Dry Bar 201 Manchester

Dave Law 1996.01.24 @ Dry 201 Manchester

Dave Law 1996.01.24 @ Dry 201 Manchester

Password - Law1

Ok not strictly a Haçienda set but it was one of my favourite pre-Haçienda haunts to get the mood going and is probably as close to the Haçienda as you will get!!  This set has never been shared before so is an exclusive to BLOG51.  Some great mixing and some great tunes - enjoy!