Thursday, 31 January 2013

Graeme Park 1992.01.24 @ Space Montevideo Uruguay - Haçienda Night

Staying in 1992 this set was recorded at a Haçienda night in Uruguay of all places.  It demonstrates the far reaching influence the Haçienda had over the club scene back in the day.  Indeed this influence continues to dominate with Haçienda nights all over the world - the legend lives on.....

Graeme Park 1992.01.24 @ Space Montevideo Uruguay Haçienda Night Tape 1

Graeme Park 1992.01.24 @ Space Montevideo Uruguay Haçienda Night - Tape 2 Part 1 

Graeme Park 1992.01.24 @ Space Montevideo Uruguay Haçienda Night - Tape 2 Part 2 

Password - Space1999!


Graeme Park @ Space, Montevideo, 24 Jan '92 

Tape 1
1. En Vogue 'You Don't Have To Worry' (Frankie Knuckles Club Remix)
2. Dread Flimstone And The Modern Tone Age Family 'From The Ghetto' (Dreadzone Mix)
3. Double Dealers 'My Love' (Club Version)
4. Nikita Warren 'I Need You' (Joey Negro's Frisky Disco Mix)
5. Jomanda 'Got A Love For You' (Hurley's House Mix)
6. Ce Ce Peniston 'We Got A Love Thang' (Maurice's 12")
7. Downtime 'I Feel The Music' (Cocorico Club Mix)
8. The Project feat. Linda Rice 'Out Of Control' (FHR's Club Mix)
9. MK 'Burning' (MK Extended Remix)
10. The R.A.S.E 'Get On Up' (Groovy Disco Mix)
11. Vitamino Feat Ricardo Da Force 'What I Need' (Joey Negro Conversion Mix)
12. Chocolate Fudge 'Locomotion' (Choice Mix)
13. 2 House 'Go Techno' (Spagatone Mix)
14. PM Dawn 'From a Watchers Point of View' (Todd Terry Melody Mix)
15. CLS 'Can You Feel It' (Music House Dub)
16. Blackwood 'I Feel You' (New York Mix)
17. Sure is Pure 'Is This Love Really Real?' (Original Gem)
18. C + C Music Factory 'Just A Touch Of Love (Everyday)' (Keyboard Express Mix)
19. C + C Music Factory 'Just A Touch Of Love (Everyday)' (The C + C Garage Dub Mix)
20. Clivilles & Cole 'Pride (A Deeper Love)' (Underground Club Mix~Let's Go Chanting Mix)
21. Shirley Murdock 'Let There Be Love' (Classic 12" Mix)
22. The Brand New Heavies 'Dream Come True' (Reality Mix)

Tape 2
1. The Brand New Heavies 'Dream Come True' (Reality Mix)
2. Tito Puente 'Ran Kan Kan' (Tito's Booted Mix)
3. Brother Makes 3 ' I Wanna?' (Divas On It)
4. Yo-Bots 'I Got It' (Groove Mix)
5. Thompson Twins 'Come Inside' (Feedback Max House Mix)
6. Clive Griffin 'I'll Be Waiting' (Red Zone Mix)
7. Robert Owens 'I'll Be Your Friend' (Glamorous Mix)
8. Denise Lopez 'Dont You Wanna Be Mine' (The Clivillés and Cole House Dub)
9. Watanabe 'Odoru'
10. Degrees Of Motion 'Do You Want It Right Now' (King Street Mix)
11. Michael Jackson 'Black Or White' (The Clivillés & Cole House / Dub Mix)
12. Candy Flip presents C-Bounce 'Keep The Faith' (Saturday Mix)
13. First Choice 'Let No Man Put Asunder' (Shep Pettibone Mix)
14. Cookie Watkins 'I'm Attracted To You' (Smoove Edit)
15. Joey Negro 'Do What You Feel' (Dum Dum Vocal)
16. Clivillés & Cole 'Pride (A Deeper Love)' (Lets Go Chanting Mix) (2 Copies)
"Graeme Park from London" announcement lol
17. Museka 'Beautiful In Red'
18. The Untouchables 'Lil Louie's Anthem'
19. Marathon 'Movin‘' (Graeme Park Remix) DMC 108/2
20. Fingers Inc. 'All Over' (Dub)
21. ??? - male vocal "sweet sweet music" "my music"

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Graeme Park 1992.02.01 @ Haçienda Manchester

1992 was an excellent year as a clubber at the Haçienda.  Packed dancefloors, same punters week in week out and the music was phenominal.  Residents Tom Wainwright and Graeme Park built a sound and style that only a resident could.  They knew their crowd, they knew how to build a set and they knew what tunes fuelled that cavernous nightclub building it to boiling point.  Instrumentals, dubs and vocal house and garage pumped across the infamous dancefloor.  If memory serves me correct, the Haçienda, by then had become a little more studenty, designer clothes replaced jeans and a t-shirt and the tension from darker corners of the club was disappearing.   People were coming to Manchester from all over the country for a night out.  I felt that although the ecletic freshness had now gone from the scene - rave now being billed as dead! - that the scene had developed into styles and what better style than can be heard in this set.  Download, listen, put on those old battered trainers, your old destroy top (if it fits!), your white levis with the disco sludge around the hem and let yourself go! TURN IT UP!! and you will know what i mean!

Graeme Park 1992.02.01 @ Haçienda Manchester Side A

Graeme Park 1992.02.01 @ Haçienda Manchester Side B

Graeme Park 1992.02.01 @ Haçienda Manchester Tracks 22-33 

Password Hac0192

1. Just Us 'You Got It' (Instrumental)
2. The Hayden Andre Project 'Broken Chains'
3. Shafty 'Deep Inside (Of You)'
4. ??? - EP&P sample "you got me". "burning up"
5. MK 'Burning' (MK Extended Remix)
6. The R.A.S.E. 'Get On Up'
7. The Project feat. Linda Rice 'Out Of Control' (FHR's Club Mix)
8. ??? - "sweet sweet music"
9. Jomanda 'True Meaning Of Love'
10. Vitamino Featuring - Ricardo Da Force 'What I've Got' ..a Joey Negro mix
11. Cynthia M 'Love Storm' (Morel's Club Mix)
12. Omniverse 'Never Get Enough'
13. Sub Sub 'Space Face' (Jazzy Todd Dub)
14. Jazzie Joint 'Give A Little Love'
15. ??? - deep with loads of samples.. Strictly Rhythm?
16. Lisette Melendez 'Never Say Never' (Underground Solution)
17. ??? - 'Relight My Fire' ..what version\mix? is there a DMC?
18. Robert Owens 'I'll Be Your Friend' (Glamorous Mix)
19. Chic 'Chic Mystique' (MAW Club Dub)
20. Michael Watford 'Holdin' On' (Underground Solution Mix)
21. ???
22. Tito Puente 'Ran Kan Kan' (Tito's Booted Mix)

23. TC '1991' (Re-Fratty Re-Energy Version)
24. PM Dawn 'From a Watchers Point of View' (Todd Terry Melody Mix)
25. 2 House 'Go Techno' (Spagatone Mix) 2 Copies
26. CLS 'Can You Feel It' (Music House Dub)
27. Blackwood 'I Feel You' (New York Mix)
28. Sure is Pure 'Is This Love Really Real?' (Original Gem)
29. Degrees Of Motion 'Do You Want It Right Now'
30. Candy Flip feat. C-Bounce 'Keep The Faith' (Saturday Mix)
31. Sounds Of Blackness 'Testify'
32. Company B 'Fascinated'
33. The Brand New Heavies 'Dream Come True' (Reality Mix) 2 Copies

As always thanks to Noel, Brady and the OSA crew for the tracklisting

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Harmony Wednesday 25th September 1991 @ Haçienda Manchester

This was a special night. Emotional and sad yet it captures a lot of what the scene was like at the time.  Orgainsed by Suddi Raval one half of the group Togetherin memoryof Jonathon Donaghy, Tragically Jonathon and his girlfried Emma (who provided the vocals on The Together Mix) were both killed in a road accident on the island of Ibiza, in September 1990. R.I.P.  A tribute night for them called Harmony was held at the Haçienda and is captured in this video clip.  Credit goes to Inspiration Video for this - thank you. It was what raving, H.O.U.S.E and clubbing was all about, a special night xx

On a very personal note, we were in Ibiza the night this happened and when ever I think of that holiday this is one of the thoughts that comes to mind, I still shed a tear.  

On a lighter note, and I don't mean to take away from the meaning of the night, I can be seen dancing my ass off somewhere in this clip... memories :O) of which my daughter has made fun of me when I showed her the clip lol

The scenes at the end of the clip sum everything up that was good about that night

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Graeme Park 1990.12.22 @ Haçienda Manchester

A particularly mental night this one, again coming up to Christmas with Graeme Park spinning in top form.  There was an edge to this night if I recall correctly, you kind of avoided the alcoves and behind the DJ box! In the main this set is much slower than the usual bassline driven Haçienda anthem.  Personally I think this was a bid to reduce the tension that was building as Parky played a more balearic style set, lowering the pace tune after tune.  It certainly seems in line with moving the excellent 'Nude' night from a Friday night replacing it with Dave Booth's 'The Mix' in an attempt to reduce the tension as certain elements were moving in, that along with pressure from Manchester's finest constabulary made it a potentially tense time! Little did we know but in a month the place would temporarily close!

Classics such as 'Natural Thing' by Innocence, Carly Simon's excellent 'Why' and the much sought after 'Hoomba Hoomba' by Voices Of Africa slowed the tempo considerably but didn't take away from the night as Parky demonstrated skill owning the dancefloor. Great tunes though and hopefully a new mix for many people, some true Haçienda classics in this one.... enjoy!

Graeme Park 1990.12.12 @ Haçienda Manchester Side A

Graeme Park 1990.12.22 @ Haçienda Manchester Side B

Password Park22

The image is from a limited run of badges produced by factory records.  Given its own number FAC120 there were only 400 produced, 200 of each colour - crimson and black.  A true collectors piece and as rare as hen's teeth!  

Each badge has stamped in it the cataogue number assigned to it.  This is the black enamel Factory 'smokestack' image badge, it is photographed alongside the crimson badge showing the logo stamp on the back.  They were designed by Peter Saville Associates in 1984.  From my personal collection.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Graeme Park 1990.02.01 @ Haçienda Manchester

What made some of these nights was the crowd, the whistles, the hand claps, chatting to complete strangers who soon became your raving mates... everyone happy and riding the same wave, sharing a moment that to be honest became addictive.  1990 was a good year in the Haçienda for a punter, the music was still fresh with variation in style and those baselines just filled the place as if they were written purely to be played there.  As the tracks in this set drop to the breaks or baselines, close your eyes, turn up the stereo and listen to the crowd... we were there and so now can you!! Enjoy

Graeme Park 1990.02.01 @ Haçienda Manchester Side A

Graeme Park 1990.02.01 @ Haçienda Manchester Side B

Password - GP199002Hac

This photo by photographer Ian Tilton in 1987 fully captures the atmosphere and inhibition of the crowd - ordinary kids dancing with abandon on the podium in the middle of the Haçienda dance floor. A wonderful image, more so as I danced in between this and the stage!

Track list

1. Earth People 'Reach Up To Mars'
2. DMS 'And The Beat Goes On'
3. Sax ft. Elan 'Don't Turn Your Back on Me' (Funny Bone Mix)
4. Sweet Exorcist 'Test Four'
5. The New FADs 'Big' (Baka Mix)
6. Orbital 'Chime'
7. Robin Wants Revenge 'Well (Franklie) My Son'
8. DJ Pierre 'Come Fly With Me'
9. Seduction '(You're My One And Only) True Love' (New York House Mix 2)
10. Nicole 'Rock The House'
11. The Crazy Frenchman - DJ Breaks Classics Vol. 1 'My Favorite Sounds & Breaks'
12. ???
13. Coloursound 'Talk To Me' ..what mix?
14. Silver Bullet 'Bring Forth The Guillotine' (The Revolution Mix)
15. Adventures Of Stevie V 'Dirty Cash' ..v briefly

16. MC's Logik 'Peace and Unity'
17. Fatman feat. Stella Mae 'Release Me' (Gospel Mix)
18. K-Y-Ze 'Stomp (Move, Jump, Jack Your Body)' (Tony Humphries Mix)
19. Debbie Malone 'Rescue Me' (Richie Rich Dub Remix)
20. Tribal House 'Motherland -A-FRI-CA-' (Another Mother Mix)
21. Royal Orchestra Ltd. 'Mykoos Melodee' (Club House Mix)
22. The Beloved 'Your Love Takes Me Higher' (Calyx Of Isis)
23. BBG 'Snappiness'
24. ??? - prob.. Producer 'Nobody Messes With The Godfather'
25. Kicking Back ft Taxman 'Devotion' (Dangerous Mix)
26. Innocence 'Natural Thing'
27. Primal Scream 'Loaded'
28. Cappella 'Everybody Listen To It'

Thanks as always to Brady, Noel and all at OSA for the track list - if you know any of the missing tracks let us know