Friday 28 February 2014

Graeme Park 1991.10.21 @ Haçienda, Manchester

I was listening to this the other day and thought then that it needed posting.  I must have mentioned before that 91 was for me one of the best years for music at the Haçienda.  Big baselines, Garage House forging it's own direction and excellent production from the likes of Knuckles, Morales and Humphries.  Long serving DJ's who dominated their field, knowing their floor to use that experieice to produce some of the best records of the time.  Tracks that must have influenced parky to inspire him to then remix some of the best records of the era... 

I think this is the souindtrack of my birthday weekend that year. possibly mislabelled by a day but I am not goning to get hung up about that.   Enjoy....

Download:  Graeme Park 1991.10.21 @ Haçienda Manchester

I have just checked my archives and this tape is also going around as Graeme park @ Sign Of The Times!

  1. Niceguy Soulman 'Feel It' (Niceguy In Philly Mix)
  2. Niceguy Soulman 'Feel It' (Egotrip Mix)
  3. Niceguy Soulman 'Feel It' (Melting Mix)
  4. Man With No Name 'Geddit!!'
  5. Dannii Minogue 'Baby Love' (Silky 70's Dub) ..mix needs confirming
  6. Bananarama 'Tripping On Your Love' (Silkys Seventies Dub)
  7. M.Doc 'Are U wid It?' (Hurley's House Mix)
  8. Alison Limerick 'Come Back (For Real Love)' (Perfecto Mix)
  9. ? - unknown. #18 on TW@Hacienda12Sep'91
  10. Ultra Naté 'Deeper Love (Missing You' (Strip Mix)
  11. Little Louie & Marc Anthony 'Ride On The Rhythm' (Masters At Work Dub)
  12. ? - "where have you been all my life"? "alone in the world"? 
  13. Groove Committee 'I Want You To Know' (Vocal)1. 
  14. DJ Le Roy 'Bocachica' (Salsa Version)
  15. Digital Excitation 'Dream Party'
  16. Nomad 'Something Special' (Detroit Techno Dub)
  17. Daddy Freddy 'The Crown' ..what mix? (Crown 'A' Pella)?
  18. Daddy Freddy 'The Crown' (David Morales Dubbed-Out Mix)
  19. Bassheads 'Who Can Make Me Feel Good?' (Original Mix)
  20. Gypsymen 'Stoppin Us'
  21. Rodeo Jones 'Get Wise!' (Late Night Mix)
  22. Motherland 'Love Games' (Satoshi Tomiie Alternate Dub)
  23. Lisa Fischer 'Save Me' (Red Zone Dub)
  24. Nomad 'Something Special' ..what mix? same as GP@Hac6Oct'91
  25. Tyrrel Corporation 'Six O'Clock' (Ultimate Mix)
  26. DSK 'What Would We Do' (Slam Remix)
  27. React To Rhythm 'Intoxication' (Clubfield Mix)
  28. Sounds Of Blackness? 'The Pressure' (Serious Lo-Key? Mix) ..mix needs confirming

Tom Wainwright 1994 @ Haçienda Night Cream Nation

Tom Wainwright.... Gotta love Tom Wainwright. Consistently wicked in every set that I have and this is yet another example.  Rocking Cream @ Nation in Liverpool back in the day.   Good to still see him playing out too...  

Download: Tom Wainwright @ Cream Nation 1994

Sunday 23 February 2014

Graeme Park 1994.10.28 @ Haçienda Night, Cream Liverpool

Graeme Park's set from the Haçienda Night at Cream Liverpool was one of the best I have heard from 1994.  Great vocals and mixing soon established him as a firm favourite in Liverpool's superclub.  The club attracted revellers from all over the North West and beyond with an excellent door policy, great atmosphere, die hard clubbers and a top DJ bills such as the one demonstrated on this night.  The Haçienda DJ's rocked the house showing just how far reaching the influence was of this hallowed venue....  Manchester in the area.

Download: Graeme Park 1994.10.28 @ Haçienda Night, Cream, Liverpool


1. ID ???
2. ID ???
3. Les Claudettes – Alexandrie Alexandra (Parallel Mix)
4. ID ???
5. Ill Disco - Keep The Jam Going (Live At The OPL Mix)
6. Sam Ellis - Club Lonely (Luv Dup Mix)
7. Todd Terry Presents 'The Sound Design' - Bounce To The Beat
8. Tonja Dantzler - In And Out Of My Life (Cleveland City Full Mix)
9. Liz Stewart - Love Life (Club Mix)
10. Donna Summer - Melody Of Love (Wanna Be Loved) (Morales Classic Club Mix)
11. Kim English - Time For Love (Morales Club Mix)
12. Loni Clark - Love's Got Me (On A Trip So High) (Parkside Club Mix)
13. Maria Rowe - Sexual (12" Parkside Club Mix)
14. Basia - Drunk On Love (Roger's Ultimate Anthem Mix)
15. Billie Ray Martin - Your Loving Arms (Sound Factory Vocal Mix)
16. KWS Feat. Teddy Pendergrass - The More I Get, The More I Want (Graeme Park Hacienda Vocal Mix)

Thanks to HenryVilla for the original share, please don't sell this set.

Friday 21 February 2014

David Morales 1992.05.21 @ Haçienda, Manchester, 10th Birthday Party

A set from the infamous Haçienda's Tenth Birthday Party.A great night with quality sets from all the DJ's.  Morales rocked the floor playing a superb set including Solution 'Feel So Right'; DSK 'What Would We Do' and Kathy Sledge 'Take Me Back To Love'. 

Download: David Morales 1992.5.21 @ Haçienda, Manchester 10th Birthday Party

David Morales @ Haçienda 10th Birthday, May '92 

1. Mel'isa Morgan 'Still In Love With You' (MAW Hard Love Dub)
2. The Daou 'Surrender Yourself' (Ballroom Mix)
3. Solution 'Feels So Right'
4. DSk 'What Would We Do' (Eight Minutes Of Madness Mix)
5. Lidell Townsell & M.T.F. 'Get With U (All I Wanna Do)' (Morales Mix)
6. Lil Louis 'Club Lonely' (Not On The List Instrumental Mix)
7. ??? - drum solo... end of above\start of below?
8. Tito Puente 'Ran Kan Kan' (MAW Dub)
9. Sabrina Johnston 'Peace' (David Morales Mix)
10. Thompson Twins 'The Saint' (Red Zone Dub)

10. Thompson Twins 'The Saint' (Red Zone Dub)
11. Degrees of Motion 'Shine On' (Club Mix)
12. Black Sheep 'Strobelite Honey' (Momo Beats)
13. Maurice Joshua Feat Chantay Savage 'I Gotta Hold On U' (Steve's Silky Scat Dub)
14. Maurice Joshua Feat Chantay Savage 'I Gotta Hold On U' (Maurice's Underground Extravaganza)
15. Kathy Sledge 'Take Me Back To Love Again' (Shelter Me Mix)
16. Frankie Knuckles 'Workout'
17. Alison Limerick 'Where Love Lives'
18. Sounds of Blackness 'The Pressure'
19. Tito Puente 'Para Los Rumberos' (5-OH Beats)
20. Dana 'Come Back Home'
21. Luther Vandross & Janet Jackson 'The Best Things In Life Are Free ' (Def Version)
22. 4th Measure Men '4 You' (Separate Minds Mix)
23. Urbanized 'Helpless (I Dont Know What I'd Do)' (The Kenlou Mix)

Wednesday 19 February 2014

Graeme Park 1990.09.06 @ Haçienda Manchester

This night was the week before our trip to Ibiza so you can image that we were right up for it.  The atmosphere at the time in the Haçienda was particularly intense... stage rammed, podiums bursting and everyone proper on one!  Although edgy at times, my memories are of friendly faces, integration on the dancefloor, friendhips and shared moments and back to ours to carry on the hedonism!!  Into the night and all that sort of thing. 

This one starts out in a more mellow style, I love that solid thumping beat of Snap's the Power, the beautiful Mr Finger's what about this love, I can hear the melody in my ears now.  The typical Haçienda sound of Jillian Mendez's Don't Know What You're Missing - for me this sums up those Haçienda nights to a 'T'

Oh yes, it was the following week that I didn't get in the Haçienda!! the only night! still I have this set to remind me of the night... and so do you!

Download: Graeme Park 1990.09.06 @ Haçienda, Manchester


1. Snap! 'The Power' (Full Mix)
2. BBG 'Snappiness'
3. Mr. Fingers 'What About This Love' (Even Deeper Mix)
4. Family Stand 'Ghetto Heaven'
5. Soul II Soul 'A Dreams A Dream' (A Night At The Opera Mix)
6. ??? - "who's been sleeping in my bed". Guess.. Dr. York 'Someone's Been Sleeping In My Bed'
7. ??? - "deceiving me" male vocal sounds like Colonel Abrams
8. Johnetta Alston 'Keep The Fire Burning'
9. Carol Lynn Townes 'What I Wouldn't Do' ..needs confirming?
10. Jillian Mendez 'Don't Know What You're Missin'' (Mona Tech Mix)
11. Pandella 'This Way That Way' (Komis Dub)

12. Zoë 'Sunshine On A Rainy Day' ..what mix? its the first release, dont think its the Youth mix
13. Soul Family Sensation 'I Don't Even Know If I Should Call You Baby'
14. ??? - "if you want it, go out and get it" sounds like Robert Owens
15. ??? - "do you really want my love", guess.. Melba Moore 'Do You Really Want My Love'
16. Intelligent Hoodlum 'Back To Reality'
17. Diana Brown & Barrie K Sharpe 'Sun Worshippers'
18. Curtis Mayfield & Ice-T 'Superfly 1990' ..needs confirming
19. Maxi Priest 'Peace Throughout The World' ..what mix?
20. ??? - latino hip hop

Sunday 16 February 2014

Graeme Park 1994.05.14 @ Haçienda Tape Y

Tape Y from Parky to complete the double pack from this date.  Graeme Park on form on this one, playing several of his remixes and a good year for vocal house

Download: Graeme Park 1994.05.14 @ Haçienda Tape Y


1. Jomanda - I Cried The Tears (Ralphi's Extended Vocal)
2. Mary J Blige - Reminisce (Uno Clio Mix)
3. Clubland - Love Strain '94 (EX94RECON12")
4. Degrees In Motion - Do You Want It Right Now (One of the '94 mixes, not sure which)
5. Bobby Brown - Two Can Play That Game (K Klassic Mix)
6. Brand New Heavies - Back To Love (Graeme Park Club Mix)
7.Inner City - Share My Life (Graeme Park Vocal Mix)
8. Buzzin' Cuzzins Feat Romanthony - Let Me Show You Love (Not sure which mix as it's not on either of the two different 12" releases that I have on early Azuli)
9. Juliet Roberts - Caught In The Middle (DEF Classic 12" Mix)
10. Saxmachine - Love Is The Message (The Love Workout Mix)
11. ID?? 'Do You Wanna Fuck? If you wanna fuck, I wanna fuck, throw you hands up...' Male vocal - Awful crude nonsense track!
12. Fifth Circuit - Sexy Move Maker
13. Darleene Lewis - Soul Fly Free (Graeme Park Baseroom Vocal) 14. Melanie Williams - Everyday Thang (Frankie's Classic Vocal, I think)
15. Screen II - Hey Mr DJ - (Dasilva & McCready Mix)

Thursday 13 February 2014

Graeme Park 1994.05.14 @ Hacienda, Manchester, Tape X

The week before the birthday party and the Haçienda would be buzzing, who was going? where were tickets going spare, who was playing?  along with those acting too cool to go but you knew they would be there... wtf!! too cool, what was that attitude about? Life's way too short for that shit! It was about the party not the attitude.....  Where was I?  This is the first tape of a double pack from the night.  Pure uplifting vocal house and garage from the day -  the perfect build up to the birthday celebrations to put us in the mood.  

Parky used to label his sets as Tape X, Tape Y etc, and fortunately both will be on here in celebration of the Haçienda.. enjoy

Download: Graeme Park 1994.05.14 @ Haçienda, Manchester, Tape X Side A

Download: Graeme Park 1994.05.14 @ Haçienda, Manchester, Tape X Side B

Do you remember the screens at the side of the dance floor, avant-garde images, pop bites and porn?... I guess they had to make indie nights interesting... soon went when the house nights kicked in!! Sneakily though, I did enjoy watching them from the balcony with a can of red stripe!!

Sunday 9 February 2014

Graeme Park 1993.03 @ Haçienda, Manchester

'Superb' to quote Mr Parky himself.... A tasty mix of older house and vocal slabs from '93.  A recently acquired set that sets a standard for this year, dominated by vocal house and garage.  Haçienda nights at their finest.

Download: Graeme Park 1993.03 @ Haçienda, Manchester

Saturday 8 February 2014

Jon Da Silva 1989.11 @ Haçienda Manchester

Wednesday night madness, the start to our weekend.  I loved Wednesday nights at this time, less edgy than the weekend with the same faces everyweek more or less.   It was our night irrespective of whether or not there was work or college next day.  Super friendly, shared moments and spectacular atmosphere.  To top it off I still have two real close friends from those nights.... dancing until 2.00 and back to Levenshulme to carry on all night - Good times.  This is the earliest Jon Da Silva Haçienda set that I have... enjoy.

Saturday 1 February 2014

Graeme Park 1988 @ Kula Shaker, Haçienda, Manchester

An early set from the Haçienda during the first summer of love.  Raw Chicago classics and Acid house at it's best.  Classic after classic that would have been first in a queue to hear if they did a Haçienda re-union night of this ilk! HINT HINT!  Who would miss a night where you could hear Parky, or Pickering playing 'Phuture Pfantasy Club' 'Inner City', 'Armando' Laurent X- Machines' along side Voodoo Ray by A Guy called Gerald?'  You can sense the atmosphere in the set and instantly tell why the Hacienda was ahead of the game... a classic Haçienda moment.... enjoy

Possibly this image is by Ian Tilton... Whoever took it - it is the Haçienda in a nutshell!

Graeme Park 1988 @ Kula Shaker, Haçienda, Manchester Side A

Graeme Park 1988 @ Kula Shaker, Haçienda, Manchester Side B 


1. ??? acidy bassline (briefly)
2. Virgo - Mechanically Replayed
3. LNR - Work It To The Bone
4. Mike Dunn - Magic Feet (Remix)
5. Phuture Pfantasy Club - Slam
??? "wow" male (is this just the intro to dance with the devil?)
6. The Project Club - Dance With The Devil
7. Sleezy D - Ive Lost Control
8. ??? acidy
9. Inner City - Big Fun
10. The Break Boys - And The Break Goes On
11. Mantronix - King Of The Beats
12. Super Lover Cee & Casanova Rud - Super Casanova
13. The Skinny Boys - Get Pepped
14. Kid n Play - Gittin Funky
15. Eric B & Rakim - Follow The Leader
16. A Guy Called Gerald - Voodoo Ray
17. The Funky Worm - Hustle (To The Music)

1. J.D. - I Ain't Gonna Wait
2. ??? guitar riff
3. Ten City - Right Back To You
4. Inner City - Big Fun
5. The Break Boys - And The Break Goes On (Original Freestyle Groove)
6. Mike Dunn - Magic Feet (Remix)
7. Radio Free - All You Can Do Is Dance
8. Kraze - The Party
9. Nightwriters - Let The Music Use You
10. Liaz - House Sensation
11. Armando - Land Of Confusion
12. ??? indian vibe tune
13. Frequency 9 - Get On One
14. Laurent X - Machines
15. Royal House - Can You Feel It
16. Jolly Roger - Acid Man
Thanks to all at OSA for the tracklist and the original tape rip by JCF...