Thursday 10 January 2013

Angel Moraes 1997.05.23 @ Haçienda Manchester 15th Birthday

I love this set and DJ.  His production and remixes on his Hot n Spycy label are addictive, deep and driving basslines....  I think of all clubs I would have liked to have lost it in would have been dancing to Angel in 'Stereo' Nightclub, his residency in Montreal Canada, but I guess that is not gonna happen.  If I can't get a record buying trip to Chicago then I definately ain't gonna get to Stereo!!

Download Angel Moraes 1997.05.23 @ Haçienda Manchester 

Password - AngelStereo97

I love this poster, it was made with reflective ink on a grey background.  the effect was to make it almost unreadable during the day but at night it came alive.  I never got to own one but I can recall them around town back in the day.  This was to be the Haçienda's last Birthday party..... but the night lives on.... Enjoy the mix!

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