Sunday 16 February 2014

Graeme Park 1994.05.14 @ Haçienda Tape Y

Tape Y from Parky to complete the double pack from this date.  Graeme Park on form on this one, playing several of his remixes and a good year for vocal house

Download: Graeme Park 1994.05.14 @ Haçienda Tape Y


1. Jomanda - I Cried The Tears (Ralphi's Extended Vocal)
2. Mary J Blige - Reminisce (Uno Clio Mix)
3. Clubland - Love Strain '94 (EX94RECON12")
4. Degrees In Motion - Do You Want It Right Now (One of the '94 mixes, not sure which)
5. Bobby Brown - Two Can Play That Game (K Klassic Mix)
6. Brand New Heavies - Back To Love (Graeme Park Club Mix)
7.Inner City - Share My Life (Graeme Park Vocal Mix)
8. Buzzin' Cuzzins Feat Romanthony - Let Me Show You Love (Not sure which mix as it's not on either of the two different 12" releases that I have on early Azuli)
9. Juliet Roberts - Caught In The Middle (DEF Classic 12" Mix)
10. Saxmachine - Love Is The Message (The Love Workout Mix)
11. ID?? 'Do You Wanna Fuck? If you wanna fuck, I wanna fuck, throw you hands up...' Male vocal - Awful crude nonsense track!
12. Fifth Circuit - Sexy Move Maker
13. Darleene Lewis - Soul Fly Free (Graeme Park Baseroom Vocal) 14. Melanie Williams - Everyday Thang (Frankie's Classic Vocal, I think)
15. Screen II - Hey Mr DJ - (Dasilva & McCready Mix)

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  1. ID 11: Black Traxx Vol 6 Night Club Rec