Friday 28 February 2014

Graeme Park 1991.10.21 @ Haçienda, Manchester

I was listening to this the other day and thought then that it needed posting.  I must have mentioned before that 91 was for me one of the best years for music at the Haçienda.  Big baselines, Garage House forging it's own direction and excellent production from the likes of Knuckles, Morales and Humphries.  Long serving DJ's who dominated their field, knowing their floor to use that experieice to produce some of the best records of the time.  Tracks that must have influenced parky to inspire him to then remix some of the best records of the era... 

I think this is the souindtrack of my birthday weekend that year. possibly mislabelled by a day but I am not goning to get hung up about that.   Enjoy....

Download:  Graeme Park 1991.10.21 @ Haçienda Manchester

I have just checked my archives and this tape is also going around as Graeme park @ Sign Of The Times!

  1. Niceguy Soulman 'Feel It' (Niceguy In Philly Mix)
  2. Niceguy Soulman 'Feel It' (Egotrip Mix)
  3. Niceguy Soulman 'Feel It' (Melting Mix)
  4. Man With No Name 'Geddit!!'
  5. Dannii Minogue 'Baby Love' (Silky 70's Dub) ..mix needs confirming
  6. Bananarama 'Tripping On Your Love' (Silkys Seventies Dub)
  7. M.Doc 'Are U wid It?' (Hurley's House Mix)
  8. Alison Limerick 'Come Back (For Real Love)' (Perfecto Mix)
  9. ? - unknown. #18 on TW@Hacienda12Sep'91
  10. Ultra Naté 'Deeper Love (Missing You' (Strip Mix)
  11. Little Louie & Marc Anthony 'Ride On The Rhythm' (Masters At Work Dub)
  12. ? - "where have you been all my life"? "alone in the world"? 
  13. Groove Committee 'I Want You To Know' (Vocal)1. 
  14. DJ Le Roy 'Bocachica' (Salsa Version)
  15. Digital Excitation 'Dream Party'
  16. Nomad 'Something Special' (Detroit Techno Dub)
  17. Daddy Freddy 'The Crown' ..what mix? (Crown 'A' Pella)?
  18. Daddy Freddy 'The Crown' (David Morales Dubbed-Out Mix)
  19. Bassheads 'Who Can Make Me Feel Good?' (Original Mix)
  20. Gypsymen 'Stoppin Us'
  21. Rodeo Jones 'Get Wise!' (Late Night Mix)
  22. Motherland 'Love Games' (Satoshi Tomiie Alternate Dub)
  23. Lisa Fischer 'Save Me' (Red Zone Dub)
  24. Nomad 'Something Special' ..what mix? same as GP@Hac6Oct'91
  25. Tyrrel Corporation 'Six O'Clock' (Ultimate Mix)
  26. DSK 'What Would We Do' (Slam Remix)
  27. React To Rhythm 'Intoxication' (Clubfield Mix)
  28. Sounds Of Blackness? 'The Pressure' (Serious Lo-Key? Mix) ..mix needs confirming

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  1. Chhers bud, much appreciated, just before my 21st :) Bluey