Monday, 3 December 2012

Mike Pickering 1988.10 @ Haçienda Manchester

Mike Pickering 1988.10 @ Haçienda Manchester Side A

Mike Pickering 1988.10 @ Haçienda Manchester Side B 

1. Farley "Jackmaster" Funk 'Should I Need You'
2. Adrenalin M.O.D. 'O-O-O' (Parkside Mix)
3. Phase II 'Reachin''
4. By All Means 'Somebody Save Me'
5. The Todd Terry Project 'Weekend'
6. SLF 'Show Me What You Got' (Acid Mix Part 1)
7. ??? - unknown track from GP '88 sets
8. Deepak & Khan 'Holle Holle'
9. ???
10. Jomanda 'Make My Body Rock' (The Basic Mix)
11. House Master Baldwin Featuring Paris Grey 'Don't Lead Me' (Medusa's House Mix)
12. This Ain't Chicago 'Ride The Rhythm'
13. Mike Dunn 'Magic Feet' (Remix)
14. Bam Bam 'Where's Your Child'
15. A Guy Called Gerald 'Voodoo Ray'
16. The Minute Men 'Bingo Bongo'
17. Bad Boy Orchestra 'Hip Hop Salsa'
18. Beat Club 'Security'

18. Beat Club 'Security'

19. Black Riot 'A Day In The Life'
20. Jungle Brothers 'I'll House You' (Acapella)
21. SLF 'Show Me What You Got' (Acid Mix Part 1)
22. The Brat Pack 'So Many Ways (Do It Properly Part II)'
23. Baby Ford 'Oochy Koochy'
24. Diskonexion 'Make It Happen' (Graeme Park Mix)
25. Mantronix 'King Of The Beats'
26. Sugar Bear 'Don't Scandalize Mine' (Vocal Mix)
27. Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock 'Get On The Dance Floor'
28. Stetsasonic 'Talkin' All That Jazz'
29. Super Lover Cee & Casanova Rud 'Super Casanova'
30. Sha-Lor 'I'm In Love'
31. Inner City 'Big Fun' (Juan's Magic Remix)\(Club Remix) ..unless it's the start of below megamix, needs confirming
32. Various 'Techno Frisbee Megamix'
33. Orange Lemon 'Dreams Of Santa Anna'
34. Keisha Jenkins 'I Need Somebody' (Marshall's Chicago Mix)
35. Arnold Jarvis 'Take Some Time Out' (Club Mix)
36. Annette 'Dream 17' (Dream Slumber Mix)
37. Kraze 'The Party'

A second set from Mike Pickering - wicked early house set - thanks to Noel, Brady & Mister DJ for the Tracklist

1 comment:

  1. This is an absolute belter from mr Pickering.

    Phase II - Reachin' is one of my favourite ever House records - especially this mix, The Latin Workout Mix.

    Top stuff Andrew!