Thursday 13 December 2012

Pete Heller 1992.09 @ Shine Haçienda Manchester

I believe this is a Shine set from a Friday night.  An excellent DJ pivitol in the early days of acid house being involved in the Shoom nights in London.  Pete also has strong ties to Manchester - he has done recent mixes for the Haçienda nights which i will try to dig out. 


Download - Pete Heller 1992.09 @ Shine Haçienda Manchester

Password - Heller1


1. U2 'Even Better Than The Real Thing' ..what mix?
2. Masters At Work 'Maw Said'
3. ??? - latino female scat
4. ??? - male scat "your mind is going crazy"
5. Luther Vandross & Janet Jackson 'The Best Things In Life Are Free ' (Def Version)
6. Djaimin 'Give You' (Dancefloor Syndromad Mix) (2 Copies)
7. ??? - Roberta Gilliam 'Take Me' Intro or Masters At Work 'Maw Said'
8. Tood Terry 'Jingo'
9. ??? - brief
10. ???
11. Chez Damier 'Can You Feel It' (MK New York Dub)
12. Degrees Of Motion 'Shine On' (Junior Style Dub Mix)

13. ??? - "shout it"
14. Solution 'Feels So Right'
15. ??? - "do the bottey rider" ..mix of Mental Instrum?
16. Freeek Beat 'Chez Vous' ..chk mix
17. Rare Arts (Ft R.I.C.) 'Yeah (I Got You Movin')' .. think it's (Rub a Dub Mix)
18. James Howard 'Feeling Good'
19. Sunscreem 'Perfect Motion' (Boys Own Mix)
20. ??? - female scat
21. No Smoke 'Koro Koro'
22. Liberty City 'Some Lovin'' ..i think
23. 1 Vision 'My Underground'
24. ??? - "anilating rhythm"
25. Gypsymen 'Daylite'
26. Funky Green Dogs From Outer Space 'Reach For Me'

thanks to Noel for the tracklist

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