Wednesday 26 December 2012

Tom Wainwright 1992.12.26 @ Haçienda Manchester - Boxing Day

A Boxing day set from the Haçienda - Imagine the atmosphere, the vibe, the anticipation - Christmas day is over and the party season is building... no work the next day, all your friends out with the only thing on our minds - party excess and letting loose... this is one of them sets to do that to!! 

Never shared before on the internet and freshly ripped from the master tape... re-live boxing day as it was 21 years ago..... Merry Christmas everyone

Download Tom Wainwright 1992.12.26 @ Haçienda Manchester

Password TomW26

The image here is one of two limited run prints depicting the Haçienda. If I have trhis corect this print is 'the Haçienda Interior West Print'.  It can be bought at faç51thehaç website.  There is a link on the right. Would sure look good above my decks... alas not gonna happen!!

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